roundel in English

a small disk, especially a decorative medallion.
Antarctic veteran Bill Storer presents the roundel of Auster A11-201 to the director of the RAAF Museum, David Gardner.
a short poem consisting of three stanzas of three lines each, rhyming alternately, with the opening words repeated as a refrain after the first and third stanzas. The form, a variant of the rondeau, was developed by Swinburne.
Swinburne commanded an impressive variety of verse forms, writing in classical metres, composing burlesques, modern and mock-antique ballads, roundels , etc.

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1. 5 synonyms for Annulet: roundel, bandelet, bandelette, bandlet, square and rabbet

2. Each window bay is topped by a roundel and bronze grille in an abstract eagle form.

3. 18 A hare squats amongst foliage, in a scene which is enclosed by a roundel supported by two conventionally interlaced guilloche squares.

4. Armorial bearing - heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield heraldic bearing, bearing, charge annulet, roundel - (heraldry) a charge in the shape of a circle; "a hollow roundel" chevron - an inverted V-shaped charge fleur-de-lys, fleur-de-lis - (heraldry) charge consisting of a conventionalized representation of

5. The CDQ disappeared in 1939 on the outbreak of war and was never re-established as the army and airforce began publishing, respectively, the Canadian Army Journal and the Roundel.

6. Blazon Arms Quarterly first Argent a dexter hand couped fessways proper holding a cross crosslet fitchée Azure second Argent a tower embattled Gules windows and port Sable third Argent a roundel gyronny of eight Sable and Gules fourth Argent a dexter hand couped fessways proper holding an Aesculapian rod Azure; Crest A tower embattled Gules charged with a roundel gyronny of eight Sable and Gules within an annulet Or; Motto HOPE IN GOD;

7. Antinoise paste substanca maglia poem with 2 rhymes and refrain, roundel folklorismus pagtitiwalag, paghihiwalay ketimpangan 不中用 [bu-zhong-yong] anexar look down on baix freistehend DI tourists condom furthermost multipleksowa magistrala adresowa to play fast and loose sy purchasing department adj

8. • In architecture an Annulet is a small, flat fillet • A ring, represented as a voided roundel, used esp • (heraldry) In heraldry, an Annulet (i • A small, flat fillet, encircling a column, etc, used by itself A further 10 definitions can be found on Encyclo

9. Usage examples of "Brere". When that Arcite had roamed all his fill, And *sungen all the roundel* lustily, *sang the roundelay* Into a study he fell suddenly, As do those lovers in their *quainte gears*, *odd fashions* Now in the crop*, and now down in the Brere s**, …

10. A Bezant was a coin, made of gold or silver, minted in the Byzantine Empire and used for currency throughout mediaeval Europe; nowadays the term is seldom used apart from heraldry, in which it is used to refer to a representation of a gold coin (a roundel of a gold colour).