annulet in English

a small fillet or band encircling a column.
The capital, which should be as high as the radius of the bottom of the column, is composed of an abacus, an echinus (a convex moulding with gently swelling curve), and annulets (or rings) next to the column.
a charge in the form of a small ring.
They speculated that since the arms include an annulet , denoting a fifth son, they were probably for the Earl's uncle, William Montagu of Oakley, ‘a shadowy person’ who was the fifth son of Lord Chief Justice Sir Edward Montagu.

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4. Annulet (plural Annulets) A small ring

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6. Annulet definition is - a little ring

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9. Annulet (plural Annulets) A small ring

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22. Among its meanings, an Annulet is chiefly a little ring

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27. Annulet - molding in the form of a ring; at top of a column

28. Definitions for the word, Annulet (n.) A little circle borne as a charge

29. Generally larger than the Annulet, which also has a less pointed forewing

30. Four smaller Annulets around a large central annulet, forming a cruciate pattern

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33. The Annulet makes it easier to commune with the bloom and control bloom tongues

34. Per fesse indented quarterly or and sable, in each quarter an Annulet counterchanged.

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39. In heraldry, an Annulet, or "little ring", is a common emblem on coat of arms.

40. {{globals.currentUser.username}} logout: Whois Terms Privacy DRP Contact us Support Do Not Sell My Personal Information 2020 Annulet incorporated

41. I intend to have two saves going anyways (one for achievements, one for how I would like to play otherwise since I would personally keep the Annulet), but just for the sake of knowing now, what does giving Dracogen the Annulet actually do to the story?

42. 13643 Annulet Dr, Rockton, IL 61072 is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,468 sqft single-family home built in 1988

43. • In architecture an Annulet is a small, flat fillet • A ring, represented as a voided roundel, used esp • (heraldry) In heraldry, an Annulet (i • A small, flat fillet, encircling a column, etc, used by itself A further 10 definitions can be found on Encyclo

44. Of the colours, a talbot sejant, resting the dexter forepawon an annulet or, and gorged with two Annulets gules.Motto— Bear and forbear

45. The Annulet of Gilt: An Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery (Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mysteries) [Taylor, Phoebe Atwood] on

46. Annulet Shown enlarged in lower figure A small molding, usually circular in plan and square or angular in section; esp

47. I wish to give the Annulet to Dracogen to get the merecaster, but I am uncertain of the impact it would have on the storyline

48. It should be mentioned that even if you prefer to bring Navigational Cortex to Dracogen, you could still visit the locations connected with the Annulet.

49. Hypernyms ("Annulet" is a kind of): armorial bearing; bearing; charge; heraldic bearing (heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield)

50. Annulet definition: a moulding in the form of a ring , as at the top of a column adjoining the capital Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples