katyusha rocket salvo in English

volley of katyusha rockets, rapid firing of katyusha rockets

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1. The jihadists also captured a massive weapons depot that contained dozens of tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers and small arms.

2. 2 This statement provoked a salvo of accusations.

3. 17 There was a salvo of approval.

4. Rocket slide.

5. For rocket science, it wasn't exactly rocket science.

6. 10 Road-block salvo shatters Bucharest's fragile silence.

7. This is rocket science, but it's not hard rocket science.

8. One salvo of warning shots across the bow.

9. 18 The performance won a salvo of applause.

10. Hezbollah responded with several barrages of Katyusha rockets on Friday, injuring four people.

11. 19 Waxman launched his first formal salvo last August.

12. Elbow rocket!

13. Synonyms for Colewort include cole, collard, borecole, kale, arugula, eruca, garden rocket, perennial wall-rocket, rocket and rocketsalad

14. Deny Rocket Lag.

15. 11 Suddenly a salvo arrived but did no damage.

16. 3 The first salvo exploded a short distance away.

17. Katyusha batteries were often massed in very large numbers to create a shock effect on enemy forces.

18. When the shipments were complete, the artillery was positioned along the entire length of the Leningrad, Second Baltic and Volkhov fronts at a concentration of 200 guns per kilometer, including 21,600 standard artillery pieces, 1,500 Katyusha rocket guns, and 600 anti-aircraft guns.

19. Rocket parachute flares (pyrotechnics)

20. This wasn't rocket science.

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23. Advanced Aspide rocket motor

24. 30 Cut Throat : Where in the World is Bobby De Salvo?

25. 29 Low target accuracy is compensated or with several missiles per salvo.