roundest in English

shaped like or approximately like a circle or cylinder.
she was seated at a small, round table
synonyms: circular ring-shaped disk-shapedhoop-shaped spherical spheroidal globular globe-shapedorb-shaped cylindrical bulbous rounded rotund annular discoid
shaped like or approximately like a sphere.
a round glass ball
(of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh.
‘I always like champagne in the afternoon,’ he informed me in his rich round voice.

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1. It's actually the roundest number except for zero...

2. Synonyms for Chubbiest include fleshiest, plumpest, podgiest, portliest, rotundest, roundest, tubbiest, buxomest, dumpiest and fattest

3. Synonyms for Bluntest include dullest, obtusest, roundest, most worn, most rounded, most pointless, most unkeen, flattest, stubbiest and thickest

4. Pass the Buckyball Before the 1980s, the only two structures of carbon known to man were graphite and diamond; then, in 1985, three scientists discovered the roundest and largest symmetrical molecular structure: the buckminsterfullerene