rounders in English

a ball game similar to baseball, played chiefly in British schools.
The children will play a variety of sports including hockey, basketball, rounders , Olympic handball, Gaelic football and table tennis.
a person who frequents bars and is often drunk.
(in rounders) a complete run of a player through all the bases as a unit of scoring.

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1. When we got to Holy Modal Rounders, everyone decided by accumulation that we were the Holy Modal Rounders.

2. Die-cast metal key fobs are real all-rounders.

3. Gitar Butut Danilla by Weekend Rounders published on 2016-11.

4. Delicious, full of vitamins and low in calories – mushrooms are genuine all-rounders.

5. The all-rounders spread rapidly and offer applications, organizing and enriching our everyday lives.

6. Thermoplastics are all-rounders for a wide range of applications, while elastomers are the specialists.

7. Team NetApp combines fast sprinters, tough climbers and leading all-rounders and is optimally equipped for any race.

8. Our Engineers and all-rounders ensure the market success of our company as well as our dynamic development.

9. These posts are mainly occupied by all-rounders with a solid financial background and postgraduate-level qualifications.

10. Cairns, one of New Zealand's best all-rounders, led the 1990s bowling attack with Danny Morrison.

11. One of the greatest all- rounders of the game, West Indian Sir Gary Sobers, batted and bowled left- handed.

12. Butterbean The Real Eric “Butterbean” Esch King of the Four-Rounders 🥊3x Super Heavyweight Champion 97–24–5🥊 Artisan/Woodworker

13. Then follow the all-rounders - bowlers or wicket-keepers who can bat decently - and finally the pure bowlers who rarely score well.

14. And transportation is safe and simple with ROBUSTO lifter systems and ROBUSTO hand-lift trucks which, supplemented with weighing systems, become real all-rounders.

15. "On the Cadge" is applied to the regular "rounders" who wander from town to town telling in each place a pitiful story of distress

16. Most practices have no option other than a single Admitter at night, but if your one Admitter during daytime hours reliably gets behind, then you should have “rounders” help with admitting duties

17. 23 Moreover, improving these facets of his offensive game will make him all the more dangerous on an improved team (the Nets have oodles of cap space in 2010 and two more first rounders).