recorder in English

an apparatus for recording sound, pictures, or data, especially a tape recorder.
German investigators were to begin analysing information from the planes' flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders yesterday.
synonyms: tape recorder cassette recorderVCR videocassette recorder videotape recorderDVD recorderdigital recorder
a person who keeps records.
a poet and recorder of rural and industrial life
synonyms: record keeper archivist annalist diarist chronicler historian chronologer chronologist
a simple wind instrument with finger holes and no keys, held vertically and played by blowing air through a shaped mouthpiece against a sharp edge.
Sheet music at five cents a page, mouth organs manufactured in Germany, tin whistles and recorders from St Petersburg, and pianola rolls were among the commodities the stores offered for sale.
(in England and Wales) a barrister appointed to serve as a part-time judge.
Parliament ultimately is also responsible for the provision of resources by way of judges, Recorders , courtrooms and staff, to enable cases to be heard within those custody time limits.

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1. One small tape recorder.

2. What recorder would writers use?

3. JoAnn Ebisuda Assistant Assessor-Recorder

4. The video recorder whirred and rewound.

5. 11 The recorder wasn't plugged in.

6. Is this your tape recorder?

7. The tape recorder was on the table.

8. Does the old tape recorder still work?

9. Bravade Recorder Quartet - Promotion Video » Bravade is an illustrious and active recorder quartet specializing in Renaissance recorders

10. But there was another tape recorder.

11. Action! Game Recorder - the best game capture software

12. 27 My assistant will operate the tape-recorder.

13. Anticuado, pasado de moda an Antiquated tape recorder

14. This is a simple analog audio recorder.

15. A Conveyance of real property must be acknowledged before a notary and recorded with the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds.

16. It’s a Sony Betamax video cassette recorder from 1979

17. Adjustment of an image recorder with dynamic measuring fields

18. Colloquialism for recorder or printout device in control system.

19. Only a fraction of my friends have video recorder.

20. Accident investigators have found the black box flight recorder.

21. 16 I think I've broken your cassette recorder.

22. 4 Put another cassette in the cassette recorder.

23. Audacity is an easy-to-use audio editor and recorder

24. 1972 Introduced the world’s first viable 8 channel digital recorder.

25. 8 He works as a recorder in the city court.

26. The autopilot can be connected up with the flight recorder.

27. 6 Colloquialism for recorder or printout device in control system.

28. The policemen were happy and turned on their tape recorder.

29. Organ.FB page: Recorder Cembalo Videomag - Site: #RecorderCembalo -

30. Audiate Voice Recorder & Audio Editor Free Trial Buy.

31. November 2002: Introduces a DVD recorder with hard disk.

32. Josef Tal wrote Concerto for harpsichord & electronic music (1964), Three Compositions for recorder & harpsichord (1966) and Chamber Music (1982) for s-recorder, marimba & harpsichord.

33. Video cameras and video recorder used for taking aerial photographs

34. I need to get the flight recorder from my ship.

35. 3 This new video-recorder is supposed to be foolproof.

36. Divers are searching for the plane's lost flight recorder.

37. The gramophone has been displaced by tape recorder.

38. She wants to see her ship and secure the flight recorder.

39. Bubo Bubo is a H.264 digital video recorder remote viewer

40. What not use HD in Blu - ray video recorder of Panasinco?

41. She enjoys reading, knitting, and playing the recorder and piano.

42. 15 Only a fraction of my friends have video recorder.

43. 10 He was enthusing about his new pocket cassette recorder.

44. 9 He preset the video recorder at the desired time.

45. ‎Bubo Bubo is a H.264 digital video recorder remote viewer

46. He put the recorder in the cup to amplify my voice.

47. If you can't program the video recorder, you're in good company.

48. Michelle, do you know where my little tape recorder is?

49. To play the recorder[], blow gently into the mouthpiece.

50. Can you show me where the microphone plugs into the tape recorder?