overflows in English

the excess or surplus not able to be accommodated by an available space.
to accommodate the overflow, five more offices have been built
synonyms: surplus excess additional people/thingsextra people/things remainder overspill
(in a bathtub or sink) an outlet for excess water.
When we checked with the building department, the local inspector told us that the water heater is correctly installed and that the overflow pipe complies with the intent of the building code.
(especially of a liquid) flow over the brim of a receptacle.
chemicals overflowed from a storage tank

Use "overflows" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "overflows" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "overflows", or refer to the context using the word "overflows" in the English Dictionary.

1. Your heart overflows with violence.

2. A distributary overflows its banks.

3. The sphincters become leaky, and the urine overflows.

4. Once filled, this upper reservoir overflows into another.

5. It may escape from sewer leakages or overflows.

6. Method for extending time before steam generator overflows under accident condition

7. His love overflows with grace, patience, long-suffering, mercy, and forgiveness.

8. The slag overflows to a granulation system and is discarded.

9. Random -- randomize the address ordering, this enhances security against buffer overflows.

10. The Brimming glass that overflows its own rim moistens the earth about it.

11. The treated acid overflows to a maturing tank in which the reaction is completed.

12. When the capacity of this interceptor is exceeded during wet weather, overflows occur.

13. Lake Manasarovar overflows into Lake Rakshastal which is a salt-water endorheic lake.

14. The Turtle bleeds into the slough system when the river overflows its banks.

15. Be in season at present, once poisonous sewage overflows a wadi, will cause serious consequence.

16. 18 Be in season at present, once poisonous sewage overflows a wadi, will cause serious consequence.

17. My heart overflows with appreciation for a God who knows our most intimate fears, pains, and traumas.

18. 12 In response to Jehovah’s words, the witness stand soon overflows with a joyful throng of witnesses.

19. When the river channel fills and then overflows more mud is spread right across the floodplain.

20. Be like the fountain that overflows, not like the cistern that merely contains. Paulo Coelho 

21. If the river it lives in overflows, the hippo can keep its head above water and swim against a deluge.

22. CAN-2002-0655 references overflows in buffers used to hold ASCII representations of integers on 64 bit platforms.

23. For the "Industrial Plant" category, overflows decreased over the 10-year period, while "discharges" (intentional or accidental) increased.

24. Couples weekends in San Antonio go from America’s Wild West history to cutting-edge cuisine, and the colorful city overflows with Texas-sized romance

25. We specialize in Environmental problems such as Cesspool & Septic overflows & flooding throughout the Nassau County, & Suffolk County, Long Island Areas

26. In September of 19 after several new exploitable buffer overflows were found and fixed in Sendmail, an extensive manual security audit was performed.

27. Shift-splitting with part-timers is also a way of dealing with overloads and overflows in the workload and covering telephones after regular working hours.

28. Amen Lyrics: Behold, Jehovah, seated on the throne / Abba, Father, the Well that overflows / The God who was and is and shall be forevermore / Holy is the Lord / Amen, Amen …

29. With the development of degenerative phenomena PN dehydrate, PN turgor descends, its amortization qualities disappear, and as a result of this fibrous ring gets flatter and partly overflows the limits of vertebra body.

30. Abundantly, more than I could ever know Where amazing is so ordinary And mercy overflows Abundantly, and love, it will open up my eyes If I'm willing to believe, I know Christ will give new life Abundantly

31. We are before a work that overflows solidarity, love, fraternal blinks, warmth of living to plenitude, eroticism, chromatic exuberance that appropriates without compromising Avarices of the codes and of the plastic language of his time.

32. For the most part, water courses through river channels, although some overflows onto adjoining land; and if an obstruction blocks the way, the water finds an alternate path or builds up volume and pressure until it bursts over the top.

33. Municipalities try to limit overflow of their sewer systems by various technologies such as storage in basins and transfer of the water after the storm to a treatment facility, storage and decantation, on-line treatment of overflows, or by alternative technologies like porous roadways or runoff infiltration.

34. However I could easily see a double meaning of the Age of Pisces (represented by Jesus himself as the Piscean fish) being the current period, transferring to the Age of Aquarius (as the full ocean) of total abundance (etymologically abundance in Latin as Abundantem means overflow, much like the ocean overflows the earth)

35. Cyanobacteria, also referred to as blue-green algae, are microscopic organisms that live primarily in fresh water and salt water, at the surface and below. They usually multiply and bloom when the water is warm, stagnant, and rich in nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) from sources such as fertilizer runoff or septic tank overflows.

36. Automatic Asterisking My mail box overflows with information about taboo language in the world of rock music, including several suggestions that the odd awarding of asterisks in iTunes music store listings is the result of a script that does the Asterisking automatically, and therefore can't block words that have significant non-taboo uses.I resisted this idea at first -- it seemed so, well