have a predisposition for in English

have a tendency to, susceptible to

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1. Individuals with Dupuytren's disease have a genetically-determined predisposition to the condition.

2. A predisposition for bladder infections may run in families .

3. a predisposition to like something.

4. Some people may have a predisposition to the genetic mutations that lead to disease.

5. This predisposition may bespeak a different mentality.

6. These may be people who seem to have always been anxious, people with a predisposition to worry.

7. Humanity, which has an obvious predisposition towards goodness, has an equally strong predisposition towards evil.

8. There is a certain genetic predisposition to alopecia areata.

9. There is a genetic predisposition to develop alopecia areata, whereas environmental triggers have so far not been identified.

10. Akita’s, like many dogs bred for guarding, may inherit a certain predisposition to aggression

11. Chow Chows are a high risk breed for autoimmune disease and are at a predisposition for skin melanoma

12. We are not looking for a single gene which is wholly responsible for a disorder or a behavioural predisposition.

13. This predisposition may be genetically determined.

14. PGD represents an alternative to prenatal diagnosis for couples with genetic predisposition for disorders.

15. These findings suggest that individuals with an abrupt transition have a greater predisposition to injures at the thoracolumbar junction.

16. Some people are born with a predisposition to schizophrenia, he says.

17. However, a genetic predisposition does not seem to be the only factor that accounts for these disorders.

18. 12 Some people are born with a predisposition to schizophrenia, he says.

19. Some kind of genetic predisposition also is likely.

20. Genetic screening to identify a person’s predisposition to certain illnesses is already possible.

21. Bronchial asthma life is a family affair, and hence a predisposition to it is inherited

22. Autoimmune disease commonly occurs in multiple members of a family, indicating a genetic predisposition

23. There are interactions between genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

24. There are several hundred drugs which could affect a person with a predisposition to seizures.

25. The main photograph in the public domain shows a cherubic, smiling 11-year-old with a predisposition for his father's chubbiness.