have a rare time in English

greatly enjoy oneself

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "have a rare time" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "have a rare time", or refer to the context using the word "have a rare time" in the English Dictionary.

1. 10 Today is a rare opportunity for Ulster Members to have parliamentary time.

2. Even in a company that astutely manages cultural change, it's rare to have addressed everything the first time out.

3. Only a specialist shop would have this rare volume.

4. Preceding in time Familiarity information: Antecedence used as a noun is very rare.

5. Preceding in time Familiarity information: Antecedency used as a noun is very rare.

6. Admittedly, horse-worked farms have become rare.

7. Affairs are decidedly rare, and have a great show-off value

8. Anaplastic thyroid carcinomas are relatively rare and have a poor prognosis.

9. For most of us, time and privacy are rare commodities.

10. We have seen rare grace and generosity of a great people.

11. We Shall Have A grand Time We shall have A grand time Up in heaven We shall have A grand time up in heaven Have A grand time Walking with the angels, Singing glory, alleluia! We shall have A grand time…

12. Bronchial atresia is a rare congenital disorder that can have a varied appearance

13. I felt very privileged to have stumbled upon such a rare sight.

14. They were taken at a time when color photos were rare even in photography studios.

15. Many rare plants have not yet been catalogued.

16. Have you ever seen a shooting star? No, well they're very rare.

17. While Ainhum is a rare condition, it can have devastating and painful consequences

18. Conservation organisations each have their own definition of what constitutes a rare breed.

19. In Russia, mixed - sex banyas are rare and have a somewhat sleazy connotation.

20. Kwok, who died last month at 68, was a rare figure: a full-time Busker with a rockabilly pompadour.

21. In most European countries, European wildcats have become rare.

22. Several rare birds have been sighted in the area.

23. Flex time; Compensatory time and flex time have a whole different meaning

24. Have a disagreement over something Familiarity information: Argufy used as a verb is very rare.

25. Item is a rare brooch, I have never seen so complete a version until now.