overgrowths in English

excessive growth.
intestinal bacterial overgrowth

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1. While these are also overgrowths, they remain localized and usually encapsulated.

2. Within the anoxic groundwater, calcite overgrowths form on uncolonized calcite cleavage surfaces, possibly due to the consumption of acidity by dissimilatory iron-reducing bacteria.

3. In a three and a half year old boy with the adrenogenital syndrome and hypertension the testes were enlarged with tumor-like overgrowths of the interstitial cells.

4. In the weathered and altered Precambrian granitoid gneisses at the unconformity, secondary K-feldspar has replaced preexisting minerals, and also occurs as discrete crystals of adularia, overgrowths on altered minerals, and microcrystalline veinlets.

5. Authigenic quartz overgrowths are the most common pore-occluding mineral in deeply buried (>2500 m) quartzose sandstones. But, deeply buried reservoirs of this kind in the North Sea contain more porosity than expected when the influence of Authigenic microcrystalline quartz (microquartz, or the good quartz) is ignored.