make before break in English

(in CDMA cellular communications) coverage of a service area with 3 antennae to provide backup for each call and reduces the number of disconnections

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1. Break-before-make distortion compensation circuitry (504) alters the switching signal.

2. Break-before-make generator circuitry (506) generates two drive signals from the altered switching signal.

3. Aroon-Down (red) was the first to make its move, with a break above 50 just before the triangle break on the price chart

4. He obliterated the blackboard before break.

5. Stop frowning before you break your face.

6. I may make or break you.

7. 26 He obliterated the blackboard before break.

8. The break-in had occurred just before midnight.

9. Conclusive (also: make-or-break, clinching) volume_up

10. It was make or break for us.

11. Blushers can make or break a look

12. 8 Before the Christmas break it became apocalyptic.

13. Mark Riley scored London's touchdown just before the break.

14. Expectations can either make or break a marriage.

15. I say we make our break forth now.

16. Any shooting before they get inside, and they'll break.

17. It is make or break for many companies.

18. Critics can make or break a young performer.

19. I'm gonna break it off, make you eat it.

20. We now state, is the last before the break reserved.

21. This play will either make or break the playwright.

22. The newspapers and television can make or break you.

23. So it will make or break the Boss team.

24. Before the international break, the "whites" took on Rayo Vallecano.

25. Lee hoped to break through the cavalry before infantry arrived.