guarantor|guarantors in English


[,guar·an'tor || ‚gærən'tɔr /-tɔː]

one who gives a guaranty or security

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1. He acted as my guarantor.

2. Guarantee fund account holders may be ASCBs, ancillary systems or guarantors.

3. Confidence is the first guarantor in learning English!

4. "Surety" includes a guarantor or other secondary obligor.

5. What material should be a guarantor to the banks?

6. Body Language is foundation! Personal Management is guarantor!

7. 14 "Surety" includes a guarantor or other secondary obligor.

8. advice and assistance guarantees alternative, to deposit with banking and insurance products guarantors.

9. Is a personal guarantor enough to get a loan?

10. Or someone can sign with us as a guarantor.

11. The United Nations will act as guarantor of the peace settlement.

12. I must tell you, a hotel can't act as a shop guarantor. "

13. Families are about love and trust; law is the guarantor of distrust.

14. The guarantor of good government was the influence of public opinion.

15. 26 The original lessee was not merely a guarantor or surety.

16. The mortgage made Mrs. Jones personally liable, as guarantor, to pay the £000.

17. In the election campaign you are arguing that it's the guarantor of the transition.

18. You can't become his guarantor if you go there without money in your hands "

19. You must have a guarantor in order to get a visa to enter the country.

20. He says it may cost the council a lot, but they're only acting as guarantor.

21. Each voucher shall cover an amount of EUR 10 000 for which the guarantor shall be liable.

22. For more information on non-occupant Borrower eligibility requirements, refer to Selling Guide section B2-2-04, Guarantors, Co-Signers, or …

23. They may also be subject excessive demands for advance payment, refusal to accept guarantors, and requests for excessive and unnecessary documentation.

24. The indemnity is, of course, only as good as the vendor and, if appropriate, its guarantor.

25. An Assignor remains secondarily liable as a surety or guarantor if the assignee assumes the contractual obligation