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person or thing that converts messages into code

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1. Bege MIG encoders The Bege MIG® encoder is a magnetic rotary encoder with extremely high signal quality and high-quality processing

2. Rotary encoders, magnetic rotary encoders, multi-turn rotary encoders, magnetic sensors, absolute rotary encoders, angle sensors, hollow shaft rotary encoders, shaft rotary encoders, linear displacement transducers, electronic interpolation systems (included in class 09)

3. An encoder to convert absolute angular or linear position to digital information, and a method to derive code sequences to produce such encoders.

4. Bege MIG® flange encoders Magnetic incremental and absolute encoders for precise positioning in industrial automation systems

5. Encoder, drive device, absolute position calculation method, and encoder manufacturing method

6. Celp voice encoder

7. Accessories for shaft encoders, angle measuring apparatus

8. For English, Ambert takes both the sequence of words (fine-grained tokens) and the sequence of phrases (coarse-grained tokens) as input after tokenization, employs one encoder for processing the sequence of words and the other encoder for processing the sequence of the phrases, utilizes shared parameters between the two encoders, and finally

9. Absolute encoder device and motor

10. Arithmetic encoding for celp speech encoders

11. Multi-track absolute encoder

12. An improved encoder interface system, able to track absolute position at higher encoder velocities without aliasing.

13. Looks like an American encoder

14. Single-turn encoders sense the absolute position within one revolution, while multiturn encoders also code the number of revolutions.

15. Absolute positioning system for elevators using dual encoders

16. Measuring apparatus, namely measuring apparatus for recording angular position, angular velocity and angular acceleration, rotary encoders, including incremental and absolute rotary encoders

17. Analog weighted binary absolute position encoder

18. Potentiometer with an optical position encoder

19. Encoder circuit and a/d converter circuit

20. Scalable code absolute logic function (scalf) encoder

21. Specific Settings for Configuring Your Encoder

22. Position sensors, namely, incremental and absolute rotary encoders, inclinometers

23. Roller bearing with integrated rotary shaft encoder

24. Code excitation linear prediction encoder and decoder

25. Rotary input type shaft absolute position encoders having any of the following: