cowboy in English

a man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle, especially in the western US and as represented in westerns and novels.
they are always playing cowboys and Indians
a person who is reckless or careless, especially when driving an automobile.
I wanted to make certain that we were going about it correctly, and not employing cowboys on our business.
work as a cowboy.
Sonora, Mexico, where he learned to cowboy

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1. Cowboy.

2. Whoa, cowboy.

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4. Freak. Hunchback cowboy.

5. Oh, space cowboy.

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8. It's your mess, cowboy.

9. Rideem Cowboy ... and Cowgirl!

10. How about you, cowboy?

11. We're on it, cowboy.

12. You're a goddamn cowboy.

13. Take it easy, cowboy.


15. I know that, cowboy.

16. Photo: ‘Cowboy Bebop’/Netflix

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19. Clogging videos - YouTube Cowboy up

20. Who doesn't love a cowboy?

21. The cowboy forgot his drink.

22. This ain't no rodeo, cowboy!

23. But not the same cowboy.

24. We don't want a cowboy here.

25. I knew you were a cowboy.

26. Michael: Every cowboy needs a sidekick.

27. It was a spoof cowboy film.

28. What does Buckaroo mean? A cowboy

29. Sweat stained his dusty cowboy hat.

30. He had a cowboy costume on.

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32. It sounded like some cowboy duel.

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34. Guy makes for a seriously solid cowboy.

35. He wore frayed jeans and cowboy shirts.

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38. 4 He wore frayed jeans and cowboy shirts.

39. White cowboy hats, that was absolutely fine.

40. ABBYVILLE — Bronc Rumford was born a cowboy

41. Buckaroo is another word for a cowboy

42. We don't have time to play cowboy.

43. So what about the Zac cowboy concert?

44. I don't much like cowboy films/movies.

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48. Tabitha was just another cowboy at the carnival.

49. Who wants a cowboy in the White House?

50. Cowboy hats churn like whitecaps atop the crowd.