cowlings in English

the removable cover of a vehicle or aircraft engine.
The aircraft had full NACA cowlings and new nacelles while fabric replaced metal covering on the control surfaces.

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1. Al Cowlings Al Cowlings outside court in Santa Monica in 1996

2. Cowlings Solicitors, Mexborough

3. Cowlings Solicitors, Mexborough

4. Cowlings Residential College Cowlings Residential College focuses on arts & culture. The residents of Cowlings Residential College will awaken their inner cultural explorer

5. Al Cowlings or Allen Cedric Cowlings is a former American football player and an actor

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7. Cowlings was a close friend of O

8. Contact Cowlings Property, Estate agents in Bideford, North Devon

9. Cowlings is a 73 year old American Football (American) Player

10. Oklahoma had the highest population of Cowlings families in 1920.

11. In 1920 there were 3 Cowlings families living in Oklahoma

12. The most Cowlings families were found in the USA in 1920

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14. (Clarence Williams / Los Angeles Times) Al Cowlings, lifelong friend and teammate of …

15. District Attorney Gil Garcetti decided not to prosecute Cowlings because of a …

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17. We manufacture engine Cowlings for the RV-4, 6, 7, 8, and 9

18. Some of the more complex modern Cowlings with air scoops will come in

19. Most stock Cowlings are lighter because they are vacuum formed in a female mold

20. The Cowlings family name was found in the USA, and Canada between 1911 and 1920

21. Today, people remember Cowlings as the person who helped Simpson flee in his white Ford Branco

22. Cowlings was charged with a felony for aiding a fugitive, but was released on $250,000 bail

23. Cowlings is a member of the following lists: Seattle Seahawks players, People from San Francisco, California and 1947

24. A distinguishing feature of the basic Yak-12, just like Yak-10, were engine cylinders with individual cowlings.

25. According to sources, it had taken two hours for the police to chase the car, driven by Al Cowlings

26. Simpson and Cowlings eventually made their way back to Simpson’s mansion in L.A.’s Brentwood neighborhood later that night

27. The Dzus Cowlings can be frustrating because you will need a staking tool set for every size and type stud

28. The Cowlings come vacuum formed but will need to be cut out, trimmed up, assembled, finished and fit to your model

29. Born Allen Gordon Cowlings on 16th June, 1947 in San Francisco, California, USA, he is famous for OJ Case white Bronco driver

30. Cowlings was eventually charged with a felony for aiding a fugitive, but those charges were subsequently dropped due to lack of evidence

31. Cowlings Rule : Cowling's rule is a method that is used to determine the dosage level of drug to be prescribed to a child

32. Can you purchase used Cowlings or housings? eBay sells a variety of marine motor maintenance equipment in both new and pre-owned conditions

33. We have dozens of boat motor Cowlings in stock now for outboard motors by Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Johnson Evinrude, BRP, OMC, and more

34. We have dozens of boat motor Cowlings in stock now for outboard motors by Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Johnson Evinrude, BRP, OMC, and more.

35. Cowling Winches and other deck gear may be protected by fitting heated metal Cowlings over the equipment and tubular heaters can be installed inside the mast.

36. Modern Cowlings use a form of ram air pressure so that small amount of air is doing all the work by virtue of pressure and airspeed

37. Al Cowlings' refusal to speak about events from June 12, the day of the killings, to June 17, the day of the Bronco chase and Simpson's arrest, is highly suspicious

38. Cowlings are proud to boast that Hannah and Claire are both members of the NAEA something quite unique, allowing us to ensure professionalism throughout every aspect of buying and selling property

39. The inventive turboprop engine consists of a power jet which is mounted coaxially to the engine axis (X-X'), comprises a fan case and a gas ejecting system provided with two afterbody half-cowlings (10b) each of which is pivotable around an axis (A2) between open and closed positions, wherein said half-cowlings are connected to the downstream of said fan case through a 'V-blade/V-groove' system.

40. The largest structure in USC Village, the Cowlings and Ilium Residential College is a tangible statement of the university's commitment to housing undergraduates on or adjacent to campus, providing over 700 spaces to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

41. The following year the F90-1 was put into production with redesigned engine cowlings, upgraded PT6A-135A engines, hydraulic landing gear, and triple-fed electrical bus; only 33 were built by the time production terminated in 1985.

42. Simpson’s teammate in high school, college, and the NFL As Al Cowlings will forever be best remembered for his role in the white Bronco chase, it’s sometimes easy to forget that he was a phenomenal football player in his day.

43. Outboard Engines & Components Cowlings & Housings >>> Ba4w1985 1981 suzuki 9.9 hp dt9.9lx engine cover pn 61401-93852-01t fits 1980-82(US $50.00) Used 150 hp mercury xr4 hood(US $225.00) Mercury merc 500 outboard 50 hp cowling engine

44. Chimney pots, Cowlings and caps: We have produced our first part of the technical guides about the rules for chimney sweeps on how to best deal with these, including disused chimney plugs, pot inserts, louvred pots, chimney terminals, mesh size and the fixing solutions options available to professionals.

45. Category: Airframe > Cowlings From a: 1972 Piper PA28-140 : PN: 63750-06 Alt_PN: 63750-006 ItemID: 59519 Piper - Cowl-Engine Top (Dents SEE PHOTOS) 63603-08 Cowl-Engine Top, Center 63603-008 63603-26 Hinge-Engine Cowl 63603-026 QTY 2 63750-07 Cowl-Engine Side, Left 63750-007

46. Category: Airframe > Cowlings From a: 1978 Piper PA34-200T Seneca II : PN: 37207-101 ItemID: 90660 Piper - Top Panel-Engine Cowl 37207-23 Louver 37207-023 67995-07 Door-Oil Filler 67995-007 67995-08 Hinge-Oil FIller Door 67995-008 472 017 Latch-Oil Filler Door(KM610-32) 472-017

47. 10 Repairs fuselage, wings, control surfaces, wheels, undercarriage, flaps, de-icer boots, cowlings, shrouds and propellers, using sheet-metal brake and shear equipment, hydraulic press, power cut-off saw, oxy-acetylene welder, and other tools and equipment. 10 Removes power eggs from aircraft and disassembles, cleans and reconditions all power egg components, except engine and propeller mechanisms, using hand tools and equipment.

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49. In a first embodiment, the pivot axes (A2) make an angle $g(a)> 3° to the engine axis (X, X') and a joint plane (Z2-Z2 ) between said afterbody half-cowlings and the downstream of said fan case makes to the plane (Y, Y') perpendicular to the engine axis (X, X') an angle $g(b)2 in such a way that $g(a)2-$g(b)2$m(F)3°.