cowgirls in English

a female equivalent of a cowboy, especially as represented in westerns and novels.
Cowboys and cowgirls dressed in lavish Western attire vied for attention and prizes.

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1. Cowgirls take stands; they speak up

2. The official Athletics website for the University of Wyoming Cowboys & Cowgirls

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5. Cowgirl (plural Cowgirls) A woman who tends free-range cattle, especially in the American West

6. In rodeo, cowboys and cowgirls participate in calf roping, bull or bronco riding, and steer wrestling.

7. Ebert March 22, 2021 March 22, 2021 We Texas Cowgirls are more likely to toss a dry-rubbed …

8. Jun 10, 2015 - Crockett had long been out of business and they made a fine product that the Cowboys and Cowgirls really liked

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10. Frances Octavia Smith, also known as Dale Evans and the “Queen of the West,” inspired many future Cowgirls, including the Dixie Chicks

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14. ‘His horse in the silence Champed the grasses’ ‘When a horse champs the bit, it is a sign that he no longer resists the action of the hand.’ ‘Troops of cowgirls in red, white and blue-fringed chaps astride champing horses followed the young men down the parade route.’

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