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a boxfish with spines that resemble horns on the head, and typically with other spines on the back and sides.
Boxfish, also known cowfish , can be found in warm ocean waters, where they linger near the seafloor.

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1. Cowfish – Though similar to the Boxfish in shape and size, the Cowfish has one notable distinction: a …

2. Boxfish include cowfish and trunkfish, and are puffer-like fishes

3. Boxfish and Cowfish are thought by some hobbyists to be too difficult to keep

4. It is similar to a Longhorn Cowfish, but these have horns while the Boxfish does not

5. Boxfish belong to the Ostraciidae family, and are often referred to as Trunkfish or Cowfish

6. Boxfishes are also commonly called cowfishes and trunkfishes (for example, the popular, Long Horned Cowfish - Lactoria cornutus)

7. Introduction Cowfish are small box‐like fish (also called Boxfishes or trunkfishes) from the order Tetraodontiformes , family Ostraciidi

8. Boxfish, also called trunkfish or cowfish, are a small group of shallow-water, marine fish in the family Ostraciontidae (order Tetraodontiformes)

9. The Cubicus Boxfish is sometimes confused with the Longhorn Cowfish, Lactoria cornuta which is occasionally also called the Yellow Boxfish

10. Boxfish Boxfish, also called trunkfish or cowfish, are a small group of shallow-water, marine fish in the family Ostraciidae (order Tetraodontiformes)

11. The cowfish is usually more angular-shaped and with various size horns, hence its name, as Boxfishes/Trunkfishes do not have horns, and their bodies are mostly trunk/box-shaped

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13. Boxfish, also called trunkfish, or cowfish, any of a small group of shallow-water marine fishes of the family Ostraciontidae (or Ostraciidae), distinguished by a hard, boxlike, protective carapace covering most of the body