cowhide in English

a cow's hide.
The saddle is made of a single animal skin, here a tanned cowhide .

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1. It's only cowhide, Ben.

2. The Belay Gloves have cowhide main body with triple-stitched, split cowhide palm reinforcement.

3. Web Exclusive Style Foot Lining: FleeceMaterials: Cowhide SuedeSole: Cowhide Suede Time to give your feet a vacation! You'll love the Cottager Lined in suede for its unmatched comfort


5. It ensures that the cowhide will last longer.

6. Cowhide is the natural, unbleached skin and hair of a cow.

7. One is made of pigskin, and the other made of cowhide.

8. Cowhide was used to make Nguni shields and the traditional skirt called the isidwaba.

9. I was Buffalo Bob, and I had the real cowhide vest.

10. The company mainly produces operating cowhide, sheepskin , pigskin leather, and so true.

11. Animal change cent is change of change of pigskin, cowhide, horse leather, sheepskin to wait.

12. Wear - resistant and crinkle - resistant cowhide as upper. Mesh is breathable, lightweight, ripstop and wear - resistant.

13. Sage by Abilene Men's 11" Cowhide Western Boots - Square Toe, Brown 5.0 (1 Review)

14. The Bandito Shoulder Belt is made of two-ply construction, cowhide leather outer with a soft suede lining for additional personal comfort

15. The Mouth of Hell gaped with cowhide jowls and bellows in the throat to expel the yellow smoke.

16. 4.5 (2 Reviews) Sage by Abilene Men's 11" Cowhide Western Boots - Square Toe $160.00 Original Price

17. Vintage Baronet Wallet - cowhide, black, red, snap - embossed leather, coin purse, credit card, photo pages, ladies, women's, mid century rust2retro

18. Upper is wear - resistant and crinkle resistant cowhide. Unique design of laser carve. Lining is anti - bacteria and anti - odor.

19. Crazy Crow Trading Post offers a large selection of Garment & Craft Leather: Buckskin, Elk Hide, Cowhide, Bison Leather & Sheep Leather

20. Crafted from premium center cut cowhide and trimmed in full grain saddle leather, the Kurz Case sports an Ambidextrously configurable non-slip shoulder strap.

21. Hanging on the wall behind her was a cowhide imprinted with a reverential image of Chairman Mao — a new work by the Chinese artist Zhang Huan.

22. A Giant Selection of Men's leather Western Belts made from cowhide leather with longhorn steers, conchos, crosses, bull riders, bronco riders western tooled, floral engraved and more.

23. 5 out of 5 stars (141) $ 39.99 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Bull Whip 06 to 16 Feet 12 Strands Cowhide Leather Equestrian Bullwhip Leather Belly and Bolster Inside, Indiana Jones Tan Brown

24. “The design established for the 450 series whip was a heavy whip, much like the older cowhide Bullwhips, well balanced with a loaded butt, and brought to a point rather finer than the old Bullwhips, but