muddy in English

covered in or full of mud.
they changed their muddy boots
cause to become covered in or full of mud.
the linoleum floor was muddied
synonyms: make muddy dirty soil spatter bespatter besmirch begrime

Use "muddy" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "muddy" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "muddy", or refer to the context using the word "muddy" in the English Dictionary.

1. Don't get your shoes muddy!

2. Don't muddy your new shoes.

3. The muddy water cleared slowly.

4. He is not muddy —yet.

5. The muddy water slowly cleared.

6. The muddy roads impede our journey.

7. Crabs scuttle along the muddy bank.

8. And it stinks, and it's muddy.

9. The muddy road careened the truck.

10. I was driving along a muddy path.

11. The ground was still very muddy.

12. Don't bring those muddy boots inside!

13. Our horses plodded down the muddy track.

14. Look, you've made the floor all muddy!

15. Had the muddy weed really hit its mark?

16. 17 They moved slowly along the muddy footpath.

17. Labourers plodded home through the muddy fields.

18. These are great shoes for muddy weather.

19. The spectroscopic data muddy the picture further.

20. We all got a bit muddy and wet.

21. The rain had made the football pitch extremely muddy.

22. I tripped and fell into a muddy ditch.

23. We wiped our muddy feet on the doormat.

24. We sluiced the muddy wheels with a hose.

25. If you get muddy, you will be punished.”

26. Your shoes are in a fine muddy state.

27. He spotted the carpet with his muddy boots.

28. For the Bilinear downsampling, things get a bit muddy.

29. Anent this muddy toilet bowl, while kindred intellects evoke

30. The ground was muddy and uneven, but we toiled on.

31. We drove along a muddy lane to reach the farmhouse.

32. He left a trail of muddy footprints behind him.

33. To soil with mire; dirty or muddy: Bemired clothing

34. To soil with mire; dirty or muddy: Bemired clothing.

35. 5 The arena was scarred by deep muddy ruts.

36. We followed the tyre tracks across a muddy field.

37. The streets were the muddy, haphazard spaces in between.

38. Heron like the gently sloping muddy sides of canals.

39. Please help me to draw off these muddy boots.

40. This lake is now totally dried, and very muddy and salty.

41. Burghemot Boots all muddy with us! Ship ashore before dawn

42. Look at the plebs! Getting all muddy! Haw haw haw!

43. Boggy definition: Boggy land is very wet and muddy land

44. As verbs the difference between muddy and Bemire is that muddy is to get mud on (something) while Bemire is to soil (or be soiled) with mud

45. Another word for Boggy: marshy, muddy, waterlogged, spongy, swampy Collins English Thesaurus

46. We wore rubber boots in order to tramp through the muddy roads.

47. It might be derived from the Old Czech brnie 'muddy, swampy.'

48. Indeed, good Cask ale should be neither flat, muddy or warm

49. Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters were for their deep, "gravelly" voices.

50. Therefore a muddy medium with plenty of plant detritus is essential.