attitudinise|attitudinised|attitudinises|attitudinising in English

verb attitudinise (Brit.)

pretend; assume a pose (also attitudinize)

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1. Imperative Attitudinise Present I Attitudinise you Attitudinise he/she/it Attitudinises we Attitudinise you Attitudinise they Attitudinise Preterite I Attitudinised you Attitudinised he/she/it Attitudinised we Attitudinised you Attitudinised they Attitudinised Present Continuous I am attitudinising you are attitudinising he/she/it is attitudinising we are attitudinising you are attitudinising

2. Past participle: Attitudinised Gerund: attitudinising Imperative Attitudinise Attitudinise Present I Attitudinise you Attitudinise he/she/it Attitudinises

3. Attitudinise (third-person singular simple present attitudinises, present participle Attitudinising, simple past and past participle attitudinised)

4. Related: Attitudinised; Attitudinising

5. Verbe régulier : Attitudinise - Attitudinised - Attitudinised

6. The past tense of Attitudinise is Attitudinised

7. What does Attitudinising mean? Present participle of attitudinise

8. Adjectives for attitude include attituded, attitudinal, attitudinous, attituding, attitudinized, attitudinizing, attitudinised and Attitudinising

9. Attitudinise synonyms, Attitudinise pronunciation, Attitudinise translation, English dictionary definition of Attitudinise

10. Singular Plural; I am Attitudinising: We are Attitudinising: You are Attitudinising: You are Attitudinising: He/She/It is Attitudinising: They are Attitudinising

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13. Attitudinising Total Number of words made out of Attitudinising = 326 Attitudinising is a 14 letter long Word starting with A and ending with G

14. (derivation) attitudinize, Attitudinise 3

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16. Attitudinise - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Attitudinise and much more

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18. Attitudinize Also spelled Attitudinise

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23. 1 synonym for Attitudinise: attitudinize

24. Attitudinise; attitudinize; attorn; attract; synonyms

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