Use "like a good boy" in a sentence

1. The boy got a square deal, he received a good education like everyone else.

2. Good boy.

3. Good boy!

4. Oh, yeah, that's a good boy.

5. Get a good peek, city boy?

6. That boy has a good face.

7. You're a good boy and a wonderful spy.

8. Eat up your greens?there's a good boy.

9. Best Short Animation: Good Boy .

10. 8 Eat up your greens?there's a good boy.

11. Be a good boy and get me my coat.

12. He's so absurdly like a little boy.

13. Like an altar boy.

14. Parents considering a Boy name like Noah, Elijah, Mason, or Logan should know that their baby Boy will be in good company, as those names are some of the top 10 most popular Boy names

15. 4 Be a good boy and get me my coat.

16. The classic story of a local boy who's made good .

17. 4 Be a good boy and eat up your vegetables.

18. He is a good boy, but bad companions misled him.

19. That boy can climb like a steeple jack.

20. Idiot Boy, you're making him look good.

21. Our boy looks good on the tube.

22. Lissen, and lissen real good, chink boy.

23. Now, Roscoe, you been a good boy all of these years.

24. You know what a U-boat looks like, boy?

25. You've been living like a country boy, eating sugarcane.

26. It's not like the guy was a choir boy.

27. Contradiction Lyrics: What's good, boy / (Contradiction) / We meet again good friend / You see the stars come down to meet you / You look like the last time / …

28. He played a smart and good looking country boy with a hidden secret.

29. There's nothing to be gained by killing a perfectly good corner boy.

30. When a boy reaches manhood, he should behave like a man.

31. I went to high school with a boy like you.

32. "Good boy, have you! "Boxing champion cachinnation get up.

33. You are the hometown boy who has made good.

34. Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.

35. And if you're a real good boy, they'll give you a Tonight Show enema.

36. You look like an angry little boy.

37. He smiled like an engaging small boy.

38. Seems like a good idea.

39. — Robert Cormier "He's a good boy," she said, casting a sternly Appraising …

40. A model or painting of a little boy looking like Cupid 2

41. A good code is like a good song in your head.

42. When you like a boy, you kick him in the shins.

43. " If you see a leopard, boy, you better run like hell. "

44. He indicated that he was a Boy Scout and wanted to do a good turn.

45. I like a good strong brew.

46. What do we look like, boy, grilled sardines?

47. Someone who is Boyish looks or behaves like a boy in a way that is attractive → girlish Boyish good looks At 45, she still had a trim Boyish figure

48. Don't you like a good gossip?

49. The guy was feeding him shots like a frat boy to a freshman.

50. There's a boy standing out there on the bow like he's a statue.

51. She came upon a boy, breech-Clouted and bare, like a copper god

52. You're still wasting your time, turning over cards like a little boy?

53. Boy: Racism, oppression, people like me not getting a break in life.

54. 8 Lucker, boy racer, bowls through the forest like a modern missile.

55. His bad boy always drove me to my vivacious good girl.

56. Like and like make good friends.

57. He'd always been a good boy, he hadn't ever turned hard or evil or disrespectful.

58. I was a modest, good - humoured boy; it is Oxford that has made me insufferable.

59. 24 I feel like a good cry.

60. I like music with a good rhythm.

61. Good prose is like a window pane.

62. Dat ar boy trains roun arter his mudder like a Cosset, he does

63. It's a boy! A boy! Yippee!

64. Or if a boy does good things, a father is happy to say: “This is my son.”

65. is it good for our boy to grow up believing in nothing?

66. That one's from the Boy Scouts, but it just makes good sense.

67. The boy is too young to discriminate good books from bad ones.

68. In 1975, Jean’s wife gave birth to a good-looking baby boy, whom they named Marc.

69. He made himself look like a good guy.

70. Hedonism: There's nothing like a good shit happening.

71. Girls do not like make boy friend who is egomaniac .

72. I am a lively boy, I like playing computer games and reading books. I like whodunit and explorational books.

73. And not everybody wants to die... a poor, happy Boy Scout like your father.

74. For that boy to toss aside a young woman like Victoria it's positively criminal.

75. Sounds like a jolly good idea to me.

76. Do you feel like because you're a white boy, you got to overcompensate sometimes?

77. Like a good wine, he improves with age.

78. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

79. 'Bridgework' does have a good deal to like

80. 18 Sounds like a good idea to me.