Use "almanac" in a sentence

1. Almanac synonyms, Almanac pronunciation, Almanac translation, English dictionary definition of Almanac

2. Player's Almanac?

3. American Almanac, a traditional Almanac presented as a mobile app

4. African American Almanac.

5. An Almanac For Amorists: Duet For A Blind Date An Almanac For Amorists: Elegy Of The Queen Of Shebs An Almanac For Amorists: Ice Cream Girl In The Playground An Almanac For Amorists: Loony Tom's Song An Almanac For Amorists: Psyche To Cupid: Her Ditty An Almanac For Amorists: Scherzo For Three Maiden Ladies An Almanac For Amorists: The Aging

6. ZIP - latest hefty almanac algorithm, the newly hefty almanac weeks - algorithm C implementation ( hot power ).

7. TIME Almanac with Information Please, formerly Information Please Almanac (1947–2013) Wall Street Journal Almanac (1998 and 1999) Whitaker's Almanack (1868–present) The World Almanac and Book of Facts (1868–1876, 1886–present) Online Almanacs

8. Almanac 1,338 followers on LinkedIn

9. Time Almanac with Information Please.

10. Planting Calendar from the Farmers’ Almanac

11. You could test him by the almanac.

12. Almanach m (plural Almanachs) almanac; Usage notes

13. The Old Farmers Almanac, Dublin, New Hampshire

14. I looked it up in the almanac.

15. Joe sent away for a free almanac.

16. Training Odds Olympic Boxing MMA Almanac Boxing

17. On 2022 FArmers’ Almanac Released This Week

18. How to use Almanac in a sentence.

19. I copped that one from an almanac.

20. One was a sacred almanac of 260 days.

21. Almanac saves you time at work by making

22. Stats by Baseball Almanac Calvin Edwin Ripken, Jr

23. The Texas Almanac print edition is published biannually

24. Almanac is Minnesota’s longest-running public affairs show

25. I found many subjects of theatre in almanac.

26. Almanac definition: An Almanac is a book published every year which contains information about the movements Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

27. Almanac is the fastest doc editor ever built

28. Special vocational schools, education statistical almanac, 2008/09

29. Learn how the FArmers’ Almanac makes its predictions

30. What does Almanack mean? Alternative spelling of almanac

31. I'll wager it is not in the almanac.

32. His speeches are generalities from Poor Richard's Almanac.

33. What does Almanacs mean? Plural form of almanac

34. R. & A. Miller's Canadian farmer's almanac Continued by:

35. One was a sacred almanac of 0 days.

36. Almanac is hosted by Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola

37. A sextant, an accurate chronometer and a celestial almanac.

38. What does Almanac mean? The definition of an Almanac is a publication with a calendar for the upcoming year, particularly in terms of weather, a

39. For several years he published an almanac of these calculations.

40. He would resume pacing the courtyard and reading the almanac.

41. Welcome to – an almanac for collectors of Sports Figures.

42. And then the almanac lied, and said that spring had come.

43. All from the oldest continuously-published and best-selling fArmers’ almanac in …

44. A nautical almanac gives information about the sun, moon, tides, etc.

45. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Almanac on your desktop or mobile device.

46. Marriage partners and wedding days are often selected by consulting the almanac

47. He pursues his hobby of collect old almanac for so many year.

48. Source: Almanac of China's Finance and Banking and the People's Bank of China.

49. Almanac is a band, founded by Victor Smolski (Ex-Rage) in 2015

50. Almanac-managed funds have committed more than $6.1 billion to 46 companies

51. All from the oldest continuously-published and best-selling farmers’ Almanac in …

52. The almanac tells the exact time at which the sun hits its zenith.

53. Mastering a trade, perfecting our human craft - self - sustainment is achieved as we almanac.

54. The times of sunset and sunrise can be proved by reference to an almanac.

55. Finally, this deck of cards is my Bible, my Almanac , and Prayer Book.

56. The almanac skin has the handbag factory for the domestic soleownership handbag manufacture enterprise.

57. "Almanac" is a Minnesota institution that has occupied the 7:00 p.m

58. Thomas, the founder of The Old Farmer’s Almanac! April 30 is National Arbor Day.

59. Alma, almagest, Almagests, almah, almahs, almanac, almanacs, almandine See the full list of words here!

60. 14 synonyms for Annual: yearly, once a year, yearly, yearlong, almanac, yearbook, guide, handbook

61. It looked gre, I thought that, are you happy with the, uh, almanac insert?

62. In 1912 he contributed to the Blaue Reiter Almanac and exhibited with this group.

63. The almanac Triton is the only russian edition for haiku and haiku-related poetry.

64. Data bulk of new edition almanac is greater, content is richer, use more convenient.

65. Hales' success as editor of the Almanac is explained by his identification with readers.

66. Greenaway's Almanacks were published between 1883 and 1897, though no almanac was published in 1896

67. Farmers' Almanac is an annual American periodical that has been in continuous publication since 1818

68. Almanac is a weekly news and public affairs program produced by TPT and seen statewide

69. Here a chemist and apothecary named Michel de Nostradame publishes an almanac titled The Prophecies.

70. 1739 Edition of Poor Richard's Almanack Poor Richard's Almanack (sometimes Almanac) was a yearly almanac published by Benjamin Franklin, who adopted the pseudonym of "Poor Richard" or "Richard Saunders" for this purpose

71. Synonyms for Annuary include annual, almanac, yearbook, guide, guidebook, handbook, workbook, report, summary and annual report

72. Act like a spoiled child prop recommends: Block almanac desk, return childhood to keep diarial time.

73. Now in its 36th season, Almanac is the longest-running primetime TV program in Minnesota history

74. Foreign embassies and consulates also buy the Almanac for their offices in Canada and at home.

75. The Chronicle Almanac shows that new assistant professors in foreign language earned 000 dollars last year.

76. Deutscher Almanach, 1933 Summary Almanac arranged by week presents heroic figures and great events in Germany's history

77. A blue book or Bluebook is an almanac, buyer's guide or other compilation of statistics and information

78. UPI's popular Almanac covers every date of the year, including celebrity birthdays, and highlights from UPI's historical archive.

79. Mr. Balatti described the classifications or call numbers given to the Almanac by the National Library of Canada.

80. Published by Geiger of Lewiston, Maine, the Farmers' Almanac provides long-range weather predictions for both the U.S