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Tĩnh mạch bàng quang

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1. Bladder Calculus vesical Calculus

2. @article{Raveenthiran2012AbnormallyLP, title={Abnormally Long Penis in Children with Vesical Calculus}, author={V

3. 23 Conclusions: The change of seminal vesical in seminal vesiculography are associated with chronic prostatitis.

4. So do as the kidney vein and the left common iliac vein.

5. The vein has spoken.

Gân-Trán đã nói.

6. In human anatomy, the Cephalic vein is a superficial vein in the arm.

7. A collapsed vein is a Blown vein that has caved in, which means that blood can no longer flow freely through that vein

8. Arterialization of the vein downstream from the fistula (abnormal arterial pulsatility in the vein)

9. The restructuration flow is that combines warm vein transfuse flow with using vein indwelling needle.

10. We also provide vein mapping ultrasounds to evaluate vein Adequacies for creating fistulas and grafts.

11. A Blown vein is a vein that ruptures as a result of a needle injury

12. This hooker hit a vein.

Con điếm bị đập vào tĩnh mạch...

13. In the same vein, A.H.

14. It's a deep-vein thrombosis.

Là bệnh huyết khối tĩnh mạch sâu.

15. Conclusions: The submucosal ureter-vesical stones may be treated by transurethral cystoscope, and this is one simple, economical and effective method.

16. Brachiocephalic vein (vena Brachiocephalica) The Brachiocephalic vein, also known as the innominate vein, is a paired vein of the superior mediastinum that drains the venous blood from the head and neck, upper limbs and the upper part of the thorax.

17. Oh, That's a nice dorsal vein.

18. The nutrient vessels of Cephalic vein

19. Blue blood flowed in the vein.

20. Brachiocephalic vein perforation can lead to communication between the vein and pleural space, resulting in life-threatening hemothorax

21. Dives through the fascia of the Brachium to fuse with the brachial vein and forms the axillary vein

22. Objective: Investigating the clinical efficacy of high ligation of great saphenous vein plus PCCS in lower extremity varicose vein .

23. Corinthian Bells 60-inch Windchime, Copper Vein

24. In parallel vein to insert the needle.

Châm kim song song theo mạch máu.

25. Process referred to as vein Arterialization [5]