bilge water in Vietnamese

danh từ
xem bilge

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1. Bilge water synonyms, Bilge water pronunciation, Bilge water translation, English dictionary definition of Bilge water

2. 11 Pump out the bilge water, please.

3. 13 Say no bilge water about the mater.

4. 9 Then pump bilge water into oily water separator.

5. 14 The creation & damage of bilge water are introduced.

6. (uncountable) The water accumulated in the Bilge, the Bilge water.

7. 18 Bilge water treatment is an environmental application that must meet stringent requirements of international legislation.

8. Borrowed from Latin Antlia (“ pump for drawing water ”), from Ancient Greek ἀντλία (antlía, “ bilge water ”)

9. ‘Bilge pumps in recreational boats are only intended to remove normal accumulations of Bilge water and sea spray.’ ‘The Holland, MI, builder says that aluminum ‘drop’ sump style fuel tanks installed at the centerlines of hulls of the targeted boats may be immersed in standing Bilge water, causing corrosion.’

10. HILDA SARAH JEANETTE DUNCAN This resembled the old bilge-water of a ship for foulness, but both men and oxen drank of it with Avidity.

11. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB This resembled the old Bilge-water of a ship for foulness, but both men and oxen drank of it with avidity

12. Of course, such synergistic Bilge is commonplace, as is the tendency to dummy up on any topic that the parent company might want stifled.: Tighter rules on oil emissions in Bilge water, anti-fouling paints and recycling are also likely to follow.: Other discharges include 37,000 gallons of oily Bilge water and 15 gallons of toxic waste from dry-cleaning, painting and photograph-processing.

13. Automatic Bilge Pump Submersible Boat Bilge Pump 12v 750gph Auto 3/4 Inch Outlet 7.7 7.2 7.8 9: 1100GPH Marine Automatic Submersible Bilge Water Pump Fully Auto Float Switch 7.5 7.0