bilge in Vietnamese

Danh từ
1. đáy tàu
2. nước bẩn ở đáy tàu
3. bụng (thùng rượu...)
4. (thông tục) chuyện nhảm nhí, chuyện bậy bạ

Ngoại Động từ
làm thủng đáy (tàu thuyền)

Nội Động từ
phình ra, phồng ra

Sentence patterns related to "bilge"

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1. Bilge water synonyms, Bilge water pronunciation, Bilge water translation, English dictionary definition of Bilge water

2. (uncountable) The water accumulated in the Bilge, the Bilge water.

3. A Bilge pump is a water pump used to remove Bilge water.Since fuel can be present in the Bilge, electric Bilge pumps are designed to not cause sparks

4. Water in the bilge.

Một thước nước trong hầm tàu.

5. 1 Don't talk such bilge!

6. What does Bilge mean? Information and translations of Bilge in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

7. Bilge definition: The bilge or the Bilges are the flat bottom part of a ship or boat

8. Seepage accumulated in Bilges. Slang. Bilge

9. 1 word related to Bilges: bilge

10. 4 Don't give me that bilge!

11. Bilge definition: The Bilge or the Bilges are the flat bottom part of a ship or boat

12. Automatic Bilge Pump Submersible Boat Bilge Pump 12v 750gph Auto 3/4 Inch Outlet 7.7 7.2 7.8 9: 1100GPH Marine Automatic Submersible Bilge Water Pump Fully Auto Float Switch 7.5 7.0

13. Seepage accumulated in Bilges. Slang. bilge

14. Manual Bilge Pump: activated by either a float-switch or a (dash mounted) Bilge pump switch

15. 11 Pump out the bilge water, please.

16. How to use Bilge in a sentence.

17. 13 Say no bilge water about the mater.

18. 5 The bilge pump was on the bulkhead.

19. 12 Fred left quickly to drain the bilge.

20. DEANE An external Bilge keel about 300 feet long and 25 inches deep was fitted along the Bilge amidships.

21. Definition of Bilge in the dictionary

22. What does Bilges mean? Plural form of bilge

23. Electric Bilge pumps are often fitted with float switches which turn on the pump when the Bilge fills to a set level

24. 9 Then pump bilge water into oily water separator.

25. Definition of Bilge (noun): bottom part of boat; nonsense

26. The water that collects there is also called Bilge

27. Fisheries Supply stocks a wide variety of both manual Bilge pumps and automatic Bilge pumps from all the top brands – including Rule , Shurflo , Whale

28. Jan 18, 2014 patch: "Rewrote Bilge Farfathom script

29. A Bilge is the lowest space of the ship

30. 14 The creation & damage of bilge water are introduced.

31. Bilge (third-person singular simple present bilges, present participle bilging, simple past and past participle Bilged) (nautical, intransitive) To spring a leak in the bilge

32. Use absorbent pads (small bilge booms or absorbent pads that are checked every six months) to soak up oil and fuel in the bilge compartment.

33. Bilged meaning Simple past tense and past participle of bilge.

34. 10 Is maiden girl alvine bilge painful what reason be?

35. 7 Don't you get sucking of that bilge,( John.

36. 8 I supported us by writing bilge for women's magazines.

37. ▪ Use absorbent pads (small bilge booms or absorbent pads that are checked every six months) to soak up oil and fuel in the bilge compartment.

38. The Sea Dog’s Hand Bilge Pump is an excellent choice in …

39. Bilge definition is - the bulging part of a cask or barrel

40. Bilge Excess fat hanging from a part of an obese person

41. Bilge pump cleaning and maintenance no longer call for complete disassembly

42. Other articles where Bilge keel is discussed: ship: Ship motions in response to the sea: …ships are fitted with “Bilge keels” in an attempt to dampen roll

43. 6 Can uterine flesh tumour cause abdomen to bilge painful?

44. Bilge, khagan, or great khan, of Mongolia from 716 until his death

45. ‘Bilge pumps in recreational boats are only intended to remove normal accumulations of Bilge water and sea spray.’ ‘The Holland, MI, builder says that aluminum ‘drop’ sump style fuel tanks installed at the centerlines of hulls of the targeted boats may be immersed in standing Bilge water, causing corrosion.’

46. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Bilgeway on pronouncekiwi Bilge Su Koyun - Bilge Su Koyun (born July 3, 1999) is a Turkish footballer, who plays for Fatih Vatan Spor

47. They literally work while you sleep so Bilge pumps are considered lifesavers.

48. Water that collects and stagnates in the Bilge of a ship


50. Bilge: language, behavior, or ideas that are absurd and contrary to …