bilharzial splenomegaly in Vietnamese

(chứng) to lách sán máng

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1. Splenomegaly is almost constant.

2. Haemorrhagic diathesis and splenomegaly are principal findings besides thrombocytosis.

3. Bilharzial: , Bilharzic (bil-har′zē-ăl) (bil-har′zĭk) Pert

4. The major clinical features are anemia, splenomegaly, and jaundice.

5. There's evidence of splenomegaly, enlargement of the spleen, and of the liver.

6. Certain extra-articular manifestations are common, including rheumatoid nodules, arteritis, peripheral neuropathy, keratoconjunctivitis, pericarditis and splenomegaly.

7. One of the most common causes for splenomegaly is portal hypertension with cirrhosis of the liver.

8. Models of thrombocytopenia, erythropenia and splenomegaly were established successfully by ligation of splenic veins.

9. In addition, ultrasonography may provide information about the cause of Ascites, such as by documenting parenchymal liver disease, splenomegaly, and an enlarged portal vein.

10. A case of coexisting lipoatrophy, hyper-lipemia, insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus and hepato-splenomegaly (fatty liver and early cirrhosis, as shown by biopsy) is described.

11. Icterus Vascular spiders (spider telangiectasias, spider Angiomata) Splenomegaly Testicular atrophy Most patients with cirrhosis severe enough to lead to ascites have additional stigmata of cirrhosis on physical examination

12. In 5% of the cases we diagnosed pathological processes: renal agenesis (1), renal cysts (2), duplex kidney (3), glomerulonephritic scarring (3), pyelonephritic scarring (2), splenomegaly (1), steatosis of liver (4).

13. The transgenic nonhuman mammal suffers from an autoimmune disease such as interstitial pneumonia, inflammatory bowel disease, splenomegaly, adenia or hyperimmunoglobulinemia and can be effectively employed in screening a remedy for such an autoimmune disease.

14. We report on a 66 year old patient originating from Greece and living in Germany with a prosthetic mitral valve because of a combined vitium following juvenile rheumatic fever. The patient fell ill with acute fever, splenomegaly, and pancytopenia.