academic in Hindi

academic 1. शैक्षिक "IIIT is an academic institution." 2. सैद्धांतिक "The subject is purely academic." "The research work that she is doing is purely academic." academic 1. उच्च~श्रेणी~का~शिक्षक "Mr.Anand is an academic person."

Sentence patterns related to "academic"

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1. They may provide non-academic as well as academic courses, but academic courses predominate.

2. Academic Year

शैक्षिक वर्ष

3. Academic qualifications

4. UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program Academic Talent Development Program

5. is the leading website for Academic Bible study

6. Academic Advising Academic Advising is your primary resource for advice, information, and guidance regarding your academic career.

7. Academic freedom

8. Academic Activities

9. Academic activities

10. Academic Advising Academic advisors at HCC are committed to your success

11. Academic dishonesty or Academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal Academic exercise

12. Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of Cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise

13. Academic Press 2008.

14. ◦ secure academic freedom

15. Other academic activities

16. Reference academic year

17. It's mainly academic.

18. ASC Advisement is the academic advising unit in the Academic Success Center

19. NAvigate is designed to help you manage your academic and non-academic lives

20. Curricular learning experiences are offered within academic courses and are reflected on academic transcripts

21. Erudite Park ( background ): academic exchanges, explore the traditional culture, leisure health and academic circles.

22. Police versus academic freedom.

23. Funds from academic inst.

24. Academic Press, 4th edition.

25. It's an academic transcript.

26. “Academic freedom is guaranteed

27. Ensure you are using the current Academic year's Academic Catalog and not an archived Catalog

28. To monitor the Advisee’s overall academic program and be sensitive to signs of academic difficulty

29. Their Academic standards are high

30. 3070 Secondary Academic Schools (AHS)

31. Student Classifications Academic Classifications: Undergraduate students’ academic classification is based strictly on earned credit hours

32. the right to academic freedom.

33. Academic freedom shall be respected.

34. Therefore, to avoid a vacuous academic talk, ethical misconduct cannot be treated with vague academic parlance.

35. Bullshitting has an academic definition

36. Academic education, instruction and training

37. She chose an academic career.

38. - Academic Freedom - Pollster Chung affair.

39. He possessed no academic qualifications.

40. Conceptualisations of academic engagement 1

41. Their Academic standards are high

42. Academic freedom shall be respected

43. Academic freedom shall be respected’.

44. Academic freedom and institutional autonomy

45. They are Affiliated with UMMC for an academic semester or a portion of an academic semester

46. The Academic & Transfer Advising office is committed to assisting students with their academic planning needs

47. The 'humanism' of the Renaissance period stimulated unprecedented academic ferment, and a concern for academic freedom .

48. appoint the Chairperson of the Executive Academic Board for a period of at least two academic years.

49. Welcome to Academic Personnel Recruit part of the Academic Personnel Systems for the University of California, Berkeley

50. Academically (comparative more Academically, superlative most Academically) In an academic style or way; from an academic perspective