accession in Hindi

accession 1. उच्चपद~प्राप्ति "We celebrated the King's accession to the throne."

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1. Accession number 589.

2. (2) Post–accession under the Protocols to the relevant Acts of Accession,[2],[3],[4]

3. GenBank, accession number JN835466

4. 2005 Accession negotiations open.

5. Betaine Accession Number DB06756 Description

6. Anthelmintics Accession Number DBCAT000944 Description

7. (a) [Creation of security interest in Accession.] A security interest may be created in an Accession and continues in collateral that becomes an Accession

8. Belladonna Accession Number DB13913 Description

9. Instrument of accession of # ctober

10. Acetylcholine Accession Number DB03128 Description

11. 1 synonym for Assenting: accession

12. Subject: Accession negotiations with Croatia

13. Caprine Tests (209) An accession fee of $7.00 is applied to each accession/case, not each specimen

14. Find another word for Accession

15. Benzoyl peroxide Accession Number DB09096 Description

16. Antidiarrheals Accession Number DBCAT001158 (DBCAT003732) Description

17. Amyl Nitrite Accession Number DB01612 Description

18. Ratification, Accession(*), Approval(†), Acceptance(‡) or Succession(§)

19. Benzophenone Accession Number DB01878 Description

20. 1 synonym for Assenting: accession

21. ◦ Accession negotiations ▪ Malta ▪ Slovenia

22. Accession definition: Accession is the act of taking up a position as the ruler of a country

23. For audit and evaluation costs, pre-accession funds may be committed up to five years after accession.

24. For audit and evaluation costs, pre‐accession funds may be committed up to five years after accession.

25. Sodium Citrate Accession Number DB09154 Description

26. Name Antipyretics Accession Number DBCAT000735 Description


28. What does Accession mean? Information and translations of Accession in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

29. Phasing out of pre-accession activities

30. Identification Name Amoxicillin Accession Number DB01060 Description

31. States in the Pre-accession Phase 26m .

32. - Opening up to the pre-accession countries

33. Name Antipruritics Accession Number DBCAT000666 Description

34. Accession definition, the act of coming into the possession of a right, title, office, etc.: Accession to the throne

35. The European and Accession Partnerships are the main guidance for assistance under the CARDS and pre-accession instruments.

36. Definition of Accession in the dictionary

37. Identification Name Androstenedione Accession Number DB01536 Description

38. Atmin_HUMAN Accession i: O43313 Primary (citable) accession number: O43313 Secondary accession number(s): A8K4H8, Q68DC9: Entry history i: Integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: February 21, 2001: Last sequence update: November 25, …

39. Accession definition, the act of coming into the possession of a right, title, office, etc.: Accession to the throne

40. Accession: something added to an existing supply.

41. Identification Name Bacitracin Accession Number DB00626 Description

42. How to use Accession in a sentence.

43. Environment has high priority in the accession negotiations.

44. An Accession Form (fillable PDF or a paper accession record) should also be completed for each accession and filed in the "Accessioning and Processing" control file folder for the corresponding collection.

45. Identification Name Amitriptyline Accession Number DB00321 Description

46. What does Accession mean? The definition of Accession is the process of taking one object and placing it with other objects

47. Accession: United Arab Emirates (14 October 2004)1

48. The Protocol of Accession should therefore be approved.

49. The Protocol on the Accession of the People

50. the accession of Queen Victoria to the throne.