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accessible 1. अभिगम्य "Defence documents are not accessible to the public."

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1. Accessible synonyms, Accessible pronunciation, Accessible translation, English dictionary definition of Accessible

2. Accessible Design: Accessible generally means that the dwelling meets prescribed requirements for Accessible housing

3. Accessible Color Scheme

4. Synonyms: accessible; Approachable

5. Accessible Accessive As adjectives the difference between accessible and Accessive is that accessible is easy of access or approach; approachable while Accessive is .

6. Antitheistical Nice accessible ass

7. Accessible Space offers affordable, Accessible housing for people with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries

8. Suddenly, a whole new planet was accessible; and not only accessible but available, unoccupied, deserted.

9. Entries with "Accedo" accessible: accessible (English) Origin & history First attested in 1400

10. Lack of accessible vendor information.

11. The Centre is easily Accessible

12. Staff rooms were not accessible.

13. The other levels aren't accessible.

14. Ensure Forms are Keyboard Accessible

15. Find another word for Accessible

16. Vehicles (low floor; wheelchair accessible.)

17. Newspapers and periodicals of small advertisements accessible on a website, electronic directory accessible on a website

18. Accessible Assessable As adjectives the difference between accessible and Assessable is that accessible is easy of access or approach; approachable while Assessable is able to be assessed.

19. Relevant radiation parameter ranges are accessible by this method, which are hardly accessible with conventional accelerator technology.

20. Said tracking is useful for signalling reliefs non accessible by the shortest path but accessible through looping.

21. Treatment is Accessible in Online Counseling

22. Safe with separately accessible inner areas

23. Her poetry is always very accessible.

24. These bookmarks are accessible by anyone.

25. Accessible in diverse colors and styles.

26. Wheelchair accessible washrooms, buildings and paths.

27. Beadily accessible—on* electric car line

28. Easily accessible by road and rail.

रेल और सड़क मार्ग द्वारा आसानी से मेहदार धाम पहुंचा जा सकता है।

29. Free charge and accessible higher education

30. Such information is not really accessible.

31. Atune yoga is accessible to everyone

32. * The best information at present Accessible

33. Accessible in various colors and styles.

34. The Aviary is not handicapped accessible

35. Both make messages accessible in Vault.

36. Accessible at All Times No 10%

37. A very Accessible account of Korean history; The cartoon strips are designed to make Shakespeare Accessible to children

38. Easily Accessible • Now there is a lot to do year-round, and all of it is easily Accessible

39. Social marketing campaigns are in accessible formats for persons with disabilities (e.g., closed captioned television ads, accessible websites).

40. An Accessible route to stories or mezzanines may be required as part of an Accessible path of travel to …

41. Accessible Beige LRV, or light reflectance value, of 58 makes sherwin williams accessible Beige an extremely versatile paint color

42. – they are accessible to all interested parties.

43. The garden is accessible from the lane.

44. The island is accessible only by boat.

45. The island is only accessible by boat.

46. Brim’s strives to make our website accessible

47. Approachable definition, capable of being approached; accessible

48. Accessible can mean easy to get to

49. How to use Accessible in a sentence.

50. • Accessible multimedia player and initiative link slideshow.