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Below are sample sentences containing the word "witness to" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "witness to", or refer to the context using the word "witness to" in the English Dictionary.

1. Witness to the Truth.

2. Bearing witness to his fame.

3. But I am a witness to the fact that the Witnesses witness to efficiency and proper behaviour. . . .

4. A Silent Witness to Accurate Prophecy

5. Give witness to God’s holy name.

6. The undermentioned is witness to this contract.

7. I was a witness to their quarrel.

8. He/His evidence bore witness to my testimony.

9. She Bore witness to his patience and diligence

10. The entire village will bear witness to this.

11. That resulted in another fine witness to Jehovah.

12. His ragged clothes were witness to his poverty.

13. She bore witness to his patience and diligence.

14. The human genome bears witness to this process, too.

15. I have born witness to many of your mad plans.

16. Consecrated life is a witness to the possibility of holiness.

17. Pope Beatifies 124 Korean Martyrs, Praising Their Witness to Christ

18. 20 min: “Offer the Magazines That Bear Witness to the Truth.”

19. Later in private she gave a tactful witness to the teacher.

20. You may be able to witness to doctors, nurses, or visitors.

21. In doing so, they also give a fine witness to others.

22. They bribed the witness to forget about what he had seen.

23. Many Italian congregations have made arrangements to witness to immigrants like Manjola.

24. What value would there be of having a witness to what happened?

25. She brought several persons of good credit to witness to her reputation.

26. The well-maintained Kingdom Hall serves as a powerful witness to Jehovah

27. The spirit of joyful cooperation was a witness to all in the community.

28. As the guests departed, one remained to serve as witness to Rikyū's death.

29. Royal charters bore witness to renewed vigour outside the demesne as in it.

30. * From those steps, the apostle gives a forceful witness to the religious mob.

31. It's time for the witness to take the stand for cross - examination . Sentencedict.com

32. Jackson choreographer Kenny Ortega was the first prosecution witness to take the stand .

33. 5, These art works bear witness to the Creativeness of the Chinese people

34. Bearing witness to the resurrection exposed the disciples to ridicule, suffering, and death.

35. (John 3:16) Before dying a sacrificial death, Christ ‘bore witness to the truth.’

36. In the end, Nelson Mandela was the only witness to testify in the trial.

37. (John 18:37) Jesus allowed nothing to distract him from bearing witness to the truth.

38. Concentrated efforts to witness to the people of the mountains started over 50 years ago.

39. How many weary souls could have been nourished from his daily witness to the Lord?

40. In such areas, they witness to people who have heard the message time and again.

41. 7 Thus, when the Israelites were faithful, they gave a fine witness to God’s name.

42. Her desolate site bears witness to the final fulfillment of the inspired prophecies against her.

43. The attorney called on an expert witness to provide further Clarification on the forensic evidence

44. Even on the train to and from Balykchy, we were able to witness to passengers.

45. 3 Practical Examples: We can witness to people at markets, parks, rest stops, and transportation terminals.

46. “Bear thorough witness to the good news of the undeserved kindness of God.” —ACTS 20:24.

47. The yeartext for 2009 will be: “Bear thorough witness to the good news.” —Acts 20:24.

48. 8 Jesus spared no effort and passed up no opportunity to bear witness to the Kingdom.

49. We now number over 5,000,000—a ratio of 1 Witness to some 1,200 people on earth.

50. Why does Jehovah call upon the heavens and the earth to bear witness to Judah’s revolt?