wittily in English


in a clever or shrewd manner, in a witty manne

Use "wittily" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "wittily" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "wittily", or refer to the context using the word "wittily" in the English Dictionary.

1. Even the tangential characters are wittily drawn.

2. He would wittily chime into our conversation.

3. Petty trick laughs wittily say: " My father is tonsorial. "

4. They have just been pulling our legs very wittily.

5. Eleanor wrote back wittily and they struck up a friendship.

6. The tale wittily explores the interaction and tension between reality and imagination.

7. The play deals wittily and intelligently with the pain of betrayal.

8. 25 He observed naughtily, subtly, wittily, passively, on occasion with a feline caress.

9. Bonus Orbi, but afterwards Orbus Boni, as they wittily Anagrammatised his name Borbonius

10. Synonyms for Cleverly include astutely, intelligently, shrewdly, wittily, sensibly, cunningly, craftily, artfully, cannily and foxily

11. So did Jehu, Judas, Demas, Henry IV of France, once Bonus orbi, afterwards Orbus boni, as one wittily Anagrammatised his name Borbonius

12. About Anglomania "Imaginative, original–wittily written."–The Washington Post Book World To some, England has long represented tolerance, reason, and political moderation

13. (40) Robert Crowley's Confutation of' the misshapen Aunswer (1548)--which notes in passing that Christ's body cannot be in two places at once--is wittily abusive of its opponent (changing his name from Hoggard to "hogherde") and even suggesting that the ordinance of the Mass instructs the priest (if need be) to urinate in the chalice to provide the water to mix with the wine.

14. More than just Anecdotage, his meandering memoir evokes an innocent time in New Zealand.: In his Anecdotage, with so many of his old friends dead, he's discovered a new way of getting to sleep.: He is as much in his Anecdotage as anyone I have interviewed, and they are not exactly new stories.: Someone has wittily said that only those in their Anecdotage should tell stories.