thorough cleaning in English

deep cleaning, cleaning completely, disinfecting, purifying, polishing

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "thorough cleaning" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "thorough cleaning", or refer to the context using the word "thorough cleaning" in the English Dictionary.

1. Give the house a thorough cleaning.

2. If electric, do the elements lift up to allow for thorough cleaning?

3. She brought all of the furnishings out to give the house a thorough cleaning.

4. thorough cleaning and disinfection of all animal housing on the premises has been carried out following destocking

5. This Chopper disassembles easily, and is top-rack dishwasher safe if it needs a more thorough cleaning.

6. The water trough , mash hopper , the floor , and dropping tray should be removable to enable thorough cleaning frequently .

7. Thorough cleaning in the field is not practical, nor is it important if the Crayfish body is kept intact

8. Our meat cutting Bandsaws have stainless steel bandsaw blades for easy and thorough cleaning for the most sanitary conditions

9. The floors were for the most part tiled, large patterned tiles, not unattractive, but in need of thorough cleaning.

10. The book study conductor should schedule the thorough cleaning for a day and time that is convenient for all assigned.

11. The main goal of the product is a thorough cleaning of the skin, encouraging skin breathing, drying the excessively oily skin, Antiseption and anti inflammation.

12. For thorough cleaning, stop the engine, disassemble the carburettor, then spray the product on the parts to be cleaned: butterfly valves, bushels, jets, tanks, floats and venturis.

13. • Reapply bacitracin or silver sulfadiazine and dry sterile dressing Absolute sterility is not mandatory during dressing changes; however, cleanliness and thorough cleaning of hands, sinks, tubs and any instruments used is emphasized.

14. Although you wash the dishes and clean the stove and countertops daily, every so often —perhaps at least once a month— it is necessary to do a more thorough cleaning, such as behind the appliances and under the sink.

15. 2 days ago · "A thorough cleaning helps get rid of things like dust, mold, pet dander and other Allergens, which may have been making you miserable all winter." Many people think spring and fall is when their