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radioactive isotope of radon (Chemistry)

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1. Several shortened names were soon suggested for the three emanations: exradio, exthorio, and exactinio in 1904; radon, thoron, and akton in 1918; radeon, thoreon, and actineon in 1919, and eventually radon, thoron, and actinon in 1920.

2. Radon (222Rn), thoron (220Rn) and Actinon (219Rn) are the three commonly occurring natural isotopes of radon gas

3. N0080 Natural radioactivity Atmospheric radioactivity which originates from cosmic rays, gamma radiation from the soil and from atmospheric radon, thoron, actinon and their decomposition products.

4. Complexometric determinations of praseodymium, neodymium and samarium as representative members of the rare earths with Alizarin Red S, Thoron, and Murexide as ohelatochrome indicators have been investigated.

5. In 1923, the International Committee for Chemical Elements and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) chose among the names radon (Rn), thoron (Tn), and actinon (An).

6. To measure atmospheric radon-220 (thoron) a device has been developed which uses alpha-alpha coincidences from the decay of radon-220 and its very shortlived decay product polonium-216 (half-life 0.16 sec).

7. 76 rows  · Actinon Actinium emanation 86 133 219.0094802(27) 3.96(1) s α 215 Po 5/2+ Trace: 220 Rn Thoron Thorium emanation 86 134 220.0113940(24) 55.6(1) s α 216 Po 0+ Trace: β − β − (rare) 220 Ra 221 Rn 86 135 221.015537(6) 25.7(5) min β − (78%) 221 Fr 7/2(+) α (22%) 217 Po 222 Rn: Radon Radium emanation Emanation Emanon Niton 86 136 222