thorn-bush|thorn bush in English

type of bush that has sharp briars

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1. He ended up in a thorn bush where he finally managed to break free from his billowing parachute.

2. Bush synonyms, Bush pronunciation, Bush translation, English dictionary definition of Bush

3. Thorn medical teams, construction, engineering.

4. Every rose has its thorn.

5. Kate Bush - Babooshka by Kate Bush

6. In one version of the story, Aphrodite injured herself on a thorn from a rose bush and the rose, which had previously been white, was stained red by her blood.

7. Recall Paul’s “thorn in the flesh.”

8. Thorn conceptualizes winter, she accesses Antipatriotically

9. A thorn stuck in her finger.

10. His finger was spitted a thorn.

11. Cutlasses of thorn stood guard at one.

12. A thorn in my side for too long.

13. The little boy stepped on a sharp thorn.

14. Coping With “a Thorn in the Flesh”

15. My shirt got hooked on a thorn.

16. Gino was a thorn in their side.

17. The dog had a thorn in its pad.

18. He's either the heir to the Thorn millions

19. Too rude, too boisterous; and it pricks like thorn.

20. An optimist sees the rose; a pessimist the thorn.

21. He called it “a thorn in the flesh.”

22. The mouse kills the lion with the thorn.

23. There's a thorn or something stuck in him.

24. A real thorn in his dad's side, politically.

25. She had pricked her finger on a rose thorn.