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the sui generis nature of animals

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1. Japanese politics are sui generis.

2. ‘Attestator should be sui generis’ i.e

3. But it is just as likely to be sui generis.

4. But when three different countries stumble, the claim of sui generis does too.

5. These sui generis municipalities were incorporated into the new regions under the 2007 reforms.

6. Development and application of organic silicon were introduced, and sui generis ih our country.

7. Bordonaba is very into rock music, and named Guns N' Roses and Sui Generis her favourite bands.

8. In order to compensate the producers for their big efforts, self-existent sui generis right protection is necessary.

9. Would a sui generis system not lead to denial of access to data necessary for global development?

10. The concept of “People First” attained its zenith under Ascon SOFTECH which is a sui generis for the software industry

11. But Page is sui generis and could potentially have the kind of impact Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have had.

12. The unusual situation of having two archbishops at the top of Church hierarchy suggests that Northern England was seen as a sui generis.

13. Alternative IP Mechanisms Provision is made in TRIPS for signatory states to adopt sui generis forms of IP protection covering plant varieties.

14. Etymologically speaking, a fairy is something quite particular, related in kind to the naiads, or water nymphs, and while of the genus, we are sui generis.

15. Therefore we believe, that the amblyopia and also the amblyopia with excentric fixation is a form of squint “sui generis” and does not ensue necessary from other forms of squint.

16. All three are richer than Korea but all are, in different ways, exceptions: Singapore and Hong Kong are city states, while Taiwan's disputed sovereignty makes it sui generis.

17. The vote was not exactly sui generis, but the fact that it occurred in a large and populous state in the country drew more media attention than, say, Vermont.

18. Indeed, India's case appears to be sui generis, especially since the modern Indian state was born a democracy -- unlike other postcolonial states, such as South Korea, which were or remain autocratic.

19. This annexation had many traits of occupation, and can be described as "occupation sui generis", "Annexionsbesetzung" ("Annexive occupation"), although it was different from classical occupation in many aspects

20. Furthermore, as was the case in Combus, the State’s intervention does not aim to make up for, or alleviate OTE from, its past pensions obligations resulting from the period of time when the company became subject to a sui generis labour law framework (past liabilities), but is strictly limited to putting OTE in line with the private sector for its future pension rights