sulci in English

a groove or furrow, especially one on the surface of the brain.
Common findings on brain imaging include enlarged ventricles, widened cortical sulci , and cerebral, cerebellar, or brain stem atrophy.

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1. Conclusion MR imaging is the best method to show central sulci and its adjacent structures and has definite values in locating the lesions of central sulci .

2. The gyri are narrowed and the sulci widened toward to frontal pole.

3. The yellow - tan exudate of acute bacterial meningitis seen here obscures the sulci.

4. Portions of the tiger stripe fractures, or sulci , are visible throughout the image.

5. Baghdad and Damascus sulci are the most active, while Alexandria Sulcus is the least active.

6. Moreover, in lissencephaly (smooth brain), an absence of gyri and sulci and occasionally ventriculomegaly may be noted.

7. Laterally, their limits follow the alar sulci and the upper and lower lips join at the oral Commissures

8. However, in this view, the most prominent feature is Labtayt Sulci, the approximately .6 mile-deep northward-trending chasm.

9. The surface of the human brain is convoluted by deep fissures, smaller grooves called sulci, and ridges called gyri.

10. Anfractuosity and Anfractuous are also used in the sense of the sulci, the grooves between the convolutions of the surface of the brain

11. This is cerebral atrophy in a patient with Alzheimer's disease. The gyri are narrowed and the sulci widened toward to frontal pole.

12. Sulci and gyri of the left and right hemispheressymmetrical basic shape is the leaf and the brain to locate an important symbol.

13. Arachnoid The delicate middle layer of the three MENINGES covering the spinal cord and brain, lying between the pia mater and dura mater. Unlike the pia mater, the Arachnoid bridges over the grooves (sulci) on the surface of the brain and covers many large blood vessels lying in the sulci.

14. MR images show a mild degree of cerebral atrophy, as slight widening of the hemispheric sulci, prominent in the parietal and perisylvian regions.

15. Results: Various fissures, sulci and gyri of the fetal brain appeared sequentially according to the chronological stages and were demonstrated very well on MR imaging.

16. Our discovery hinted that the physical forces that mold the gyri and sulci also influence neuronal migration. Developmental studies in humans have bolstered this suggestion.

17. It will be an intriguing challenge to figure out whether such systematic differences in the shapes of neurons in gyri and sulci also affect their function.

18. People diagnosed with autism also exhibit abnormal cortical convolutions . Specifically, some of their sulci appear to be deeper and slightly out of place as compared with those of healthy subjects.

19. In contrast, neurons located in the deep layers of sulci are stretched and look flattened. The shapes of these cells are consistent with having been modified by mechanical forces as the cortex folded.

20. Whereas thrush is a disease that causes loss of tissue and is limited to the lateral and medial sulci and/or the base and sulcus of the frog, Canker causes a proliferation of tissue and can spread to the heel, bars, and hoof wall.