suggestions in English

an idea or plan put forward for consideration.
She found this project exciting to work on because the owner was very open to new ideas and suggestions for his premises.

Use "suggestions" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "suggestions" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "suggestions", or refer to the context using the word "suggestions" in the English Dictionary.

1. Any suggestions, Admiral?

2. Affirmations are Auto suggestions.

3. Suggestions for Starting Conversations

4. Suggestions for Council Meetings

5. Her suggestions were always squashed.

6. You scorned all my suggestions.

7. Interim Bioterrorism Readiness Plan Suggestions

8. Also consider the following suggestions:

9. Have you any alternative suggestions ?

10. Ask your nursery for fern suggestions.

11. Suggestions to enhance your Bible reading

12. They cared naught for my suggestions.

13. Carolyn Henderson offers some springtime suggestions.

14. He waved off suggestions of impropriety.

15. Suggestions For Finishing These Bandsawn Reindeer

16. Therapy Suggestions for Affricates; Share: Print

17. About ad suggestions for Smart campaigns

18. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.

19. The committee ultimately adopted his suggestions.

20. He's always sneering at my suggestions.

21. We will adopt their suggestions in mass.

22. Right, any suggestions? Jim, you kick off.

23. 1 The committee ultimately adopted his suggestions.

24. Are you open-minded about these suggestions?

25. They were openly contemptuous of my suggestions.

26. Top suggestions for Remove Bing Search History

27. They put forward a number of suggestions.

28. Their idiotic suggestions met with widespread opposition.

29. He's so dismissive of anybody else's suggestions.

30. But my suggestions fell on deaf ears.

31. Benchmarkers have some suggestions for users and developers, …

32. Consider the following suggestions from Ministering Resources (

33. Give suggestions on how to make an outline.

34. What are some suggestions for improving our singing?

35. All my suggestions apropos the script were accepted.

36. Don't criticize awkwardness or off-the-wall suggestions.

37. He is not very receptive to my suggestions.

38. Don't just reject their suggestions out of hand.

39. You're always throwing cold water on my suggestions.

40. Email questions, requests, and suggestions to

41. Write about suggestions to Acture[email protected]

42. She rebuffed all suggestions that she should resign.

43. Has anyone got any suggestions for a title?

44. The author is very foresighted in his suggestions!

45. However, at present these suggestions remain purely speculative.

46. Many suggestions are needed to integrate the plan.

47. Some of his suggestions verged on the outrageous.

48. Additional Suggestions for Cultivating an Appropriate Learning Environment [2.2.3]

49. Your suggestions are being followed up by our committee.

50. Some impractical suggestions were turned down by the committee.