shylock in English

a Jewish moneylender in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice , who lends money to Antonio but demands in return a pound of Antonio's own flesh should the debt not be repaid on time.

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1. Shylock: As Banker, Bondholder, Corruptionist, Conspirator Gordon Clark

2. 18 The Shakespearean shylock is of dubious value in the modern world.

3. In people's minds, Shylock is a cunning, cruel and venomous Jewish usurer.

4. Shylock; as banker, bondholder, Corruptionist, conspirator (1894) Yamaguchy – by Gordon Clark

5. But Bassanio was very anxious about this because Shylock was a cruel and cold-hearted man.

6. There isn't a casino, a bookmaker, or shylock from Vegas to New York that the old man isn't into for some serious wood.

7. ‘Bareheaded cycling makes the world a riskier place’ ‘Very few of them, no matter how poor, are Bareheaded.’ ‘At the end of Radford's film he shows us a Bareheaded Shylock locked out of his synagogue and alone in the world, an alien being.’ ‘The men are dressed in shabby, quilted jackets; they are Bareheaded and barefoot.’