siamese in English

of or concerning Siam, its people, or language.
Being of some Siamese descent, her great-great-great-great-great grandfather, lived in the royal household of Ghengis Khan.
a native of Siam (now Thailand).
By the end of the Angkor era, the kingdom of Kambuja-Desa came under increased pressure from the Siamese on the west and the Vietnamese on the east.
a cat of a lightly built short-haired breed characterized by slanting blue eyes and typically pale fur with darker points.
In fact, Javanese cats, like the Siamese and other Siamese-related breeds often have a preoccupation with food.

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1. Hetherington had a Siamese cat named Chester, who had been sired by a Siamese named Willard.

2. You were a very brave Siamese.

3. We were technically that rarity, Siamese twins.

4. Siamese Benzoin occurs in tears or in blocks

5. 20 The siamese twins were not considered separable.

6. A Siamese with blue eyes and a broken tail.

7. Balinese are the long haired version of a Siamese

8. She became the second Siamese queen regent in Thai history.

9. The Balinese cat breed is an offspring of the Siamese

10. The Siamese native mandarins massacred the local Englishmen out of frustration.

11. Sino - Siamese trade had two forms, tributary trade and civil trade.

12. Siamese cats and related breeds are prone to having Crossed eyes

13. The Balinese is a natural spontaneous mutation of the Siamese gene

14. The Siamese armies went slowly to Ava under leadership of Naresuan.

15. In 1867 slaves accounted for one-third of the Siamese population.

16. Early breeders introduced a Siamese type Russian Blue into their breeding.

17. The Siamese resistance retook their lost territories in 1768 and 1769.

18. The ten ministries became the center of Siamese government and rule.

19. Company's main products are: Siamese. Diverging . Taipen - optical composition of glass.

20. 19 Why does this inverted racialism not persecute Siamese kittens, I wonder?

21. The Balinese is an active, vocal cat as befits a Siamese descendent

22. Afternoons, I convalesce, play patience, match-make a court of Siamese twins.

23. His army captured Chiang Mai but faced tough resistance by the Siamese forces.

24. The new invented title brought Siamese succession in line with the European tradition.

25. The Siamese is one of the first distinctly recognised breeds of Oriental cat.

26. Like his brother King Norodom, Sisowath was educated in the Siamese capital of Bangkok.

27. Franz Nikolaus Finck in 1909 placed Karen as a third branch of Chinese-Siamese.

28. The leaderless Thai army fled, and Ang Chan allegedly captured more than 10,000 Siamese soldiers.

29. Abyssinians are thought to be a mix of Burmese, Siamese, and Russian Blue cats

30. In 1753, Borommakot sent two Siamese monks to rehabilitate Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

31. The family of Khun Chuang reinstituted the Siamese administrative system of the 7th century.

32. The Siamese capital was in confusion and an uproar after the Burmese had taken Ratchaburi.

33. In 1574, under the request from Pegu, Maha Thammaracha led the Siamese armies to subjugate Vientiane.

34. The Balinese is a Siamese that never had to give into The Man and get a job

35. Butters (special needs) is an adoptable Cat - Siamese Mix searching for a forever family near Philadelphia, PA

36. Among the genuine curiosities were Chang and Eng, Siamese twins connected by a ligament below their Breastbones

37. Balinese enhance the elegance, grace and intelligence of the Siamese with the luxury of a silky flowing coat

38. The ever-Chatty Siamese can mesmerize you with his almond-shaped, deep-blue eyes and aristocratic, slender body

39. The Balinese cat (Long Haired Siamese) was developed in the United States as a Breed of its own

40. The Balinese is a long-haired breed of domestic cat with Siamese-style point coloration and sapphire-blue eyes

41. So gambling and historic preservation became, in the words of one preservationist, Deadwood's Siamese twins. You cannot separate them.

42. The Siamese then put a culverin on a barge and sailed along the Chao Phraya to fire the enemies.

43. These Binomials are also sometimes called Siamese twins named after Chang and Eng Bunker, the conjoined twins from Siam.

44. Her death brought sadness to the King, and the royal families of both the Siamese and Chiang Mai kingdoms.

45. There, they witness an unknown culprit unlock the roof allowing the Red Siamese Cats to enter and hijack the ship.

46. Snowshoes were first produced in Philadelphia when a Siamese breeder's cat gave birth to three kittens with white feet.

47. Bughouse ***** Bughouse ***** Bughouse (Siamese chess or double speed chess) is a chess variant with four players and two chess sets

48. A milestone was reached with the publishing of The Watchtower in Siamese (Thai), beginning with the January 1, 1947, issue.

49. If an Oriental Longhair is bred to an Oriental shorthair or a Siamese, the kittens will all be short-haired.

50. These cats are distinguished by their conformance to wide range of sixteen different point colors, beyond the four standard Siamese colors.