sib in English

a brother or sister; a sibling.
In contrast, males that encountered mole-rat scent behaved differently, in several ways, to their sibs that encountered predator scent (at least in high-markers).
a group of people recognized by an individual as his or her kindred.
Therefore, many researchers expect to see just the sort of discriminating parental investment reported by Mann - behavior that favors more vigorous offspring over their less healthy sibs .
Securities and Investment Board, a regulatory body that oversees London's financial markets.

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1. "SIB & BEM – A Brief Introduction to Origin of SIB".

2. Because WS-Notification is implemented as part of the Application Server service integration bus (SIB), an instance of SIB and an SIB member [existing server(s)] have to be created first.

3. Methods Both sib - pairs and random case - control designs were used.

4. DVB Multimedia Home Plafform ( DVB - MHP ), the European standardfor SIB , is introduced.

5. A second is that SIB, like Mr Madoff's advisory business, was a strange hybrid.

6. Besides, the concepts, such as SIB and multiple energy function sheets, are explained by picture.

7. This aircraft , HB - SIB , is intended to operate in stints of around five days and nights.

8. Now , SIB is the youngest and one of the most dynamic and potential departments in SISU.

9. OneMap is a software for constructing genetic maps in experimental crosses: full-sib, RILs, F2 and Backcrosses

10. There are , further , the Gothic sibia, Anglo - Saxon sib , Old High German sippia, sippa, kindred.

11. SIB was not really a bank, for it took in deposits but did not make loans.

12. You may remember the "Ask SIB" story published on June 14th with questions about the Nesting Anhingas on Jenkins Point Road

13. Whole-plant drought tolerance and leaf abscission in response to drought of 5-month-old, half-sib black walnut (Juglansnigra L.) seedlings representing seven geographic origins were examined.

14. Teb Chaws Suav tsis lees tias nws yog qhov chaw pib muaj cov kab mob coronavirus no sib kis li nom tswv America ntau tus tau hais thiab tau hais …

15. The SIB-2 is a semi-automatic welding machine for the Beadless welding of pipes and fittings from OD 25mm to OD 63mm (3/4” to 2”) PP and PVDF in the workshop or in the field.

16. Agnate: 1 adj related on the father's side Synonyms: agnatic , paternal related connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage n one related on the father's side Synonyms: patrikin , patrilineal kin , patrilineal sib , patrisib Type of: relation , relative a person related by blood or marriage

17. The study showed beneficial effects of memantine treatment in comparison to placebo at # months (observed cases analysis for the clinician ́s interview based impression of change (CIBIC-plus): p=#; Alzheimer ́s disease cooperative study activities of daily living (ADCS-ADLsev): p=#; severe impairment battery (SIB): p

18. The outcome measures used in these studies included the SIB (Severe Impairment Battery), the ADCS-ADL (Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study-Activities of Daily Living) modified for advanced dementia, and the CIBIC-Plus (Clinician’s Interview-Based Impression of Change) to assess the effectiveness of memantine on the three domains of dementia i.e. cognition, functionality and global clinical status, respectively.

19. The latter three species are referred to Collectively as siblings, abbreviated as sib.: The egg cells and antherozoids are Collectively known as gametes, and the generation of the moss plant that bears them is known as a gametophyte.: He sees all species as Collectively embraced by an environmental ethic that is anthropocentric.: Bet Herut is a moshav, an agricultural community where profits

20. 3 Letter Words You can Make With Butyrins BRI BTU IRS IRU NYU RSI UBS URI USB USN bin bis bit bun bur bus but buy bys ins its nib nit nub nus nut rib rin rub run rut sib sin sir sit sri sty sub sun syn tin tis try tub tui tun uns urb urn uts yin 2 Letter Words You can Make With Butyrins IR NY RI TU UN UT bi by in is it nu si ti un us ut yr