railroad station in English

location where trains stop to load and unload passengers or cargo

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1. Thorwalds were on their way to the railroad station.

2. The Alga railroad station is 44 km south of Aktiubinsk

3. The following morning Mother and I were at the railroad station.

4. Today, I got inside both the railroad station and the bus station.

5. So Monday morning I passed the railroad station on my way to school.

6. When we returned, we were aghast to find the railroad station in Chemnitz surrounded by civilian police.

7. He invited them to send their orders by mail and he delivered the purchases to their nearest railroad station.

8. I would start the day off by doing magazine street witnessing in front of the railroad station each morning at seven o’clock.”

9. Thousands of troops led by the Kaiser, escorted his casket to Berlin's Lehrter Railroad Station, from which it was transported to Silesia.

10. The name “Climax” derives from the Climax railroad station which was built at the top of the Continental Divide as a place to uncouple helper locomotives after

11. "McAllister" post office was established about a mile north of Merlin in 1885, then moved to the vicinity of the railroad station and renamed Merlin in 1891.

12. Balei city in Chita Oblast, RSFSR; located at the foot of the Borshchovochnyi Ridge, on the Unda River (Amur basin), 55 km south of the Priiskovaia railroad station (on the Trans-Siberian Railway)

13. In 1914, his family moved to the railroad town of Shepetivka (today in Khmelnytskyi Oblast) where Ostrovsky started working in the kitchens at the railroad station, a timber yard, then becoming a stoker's mate and then an electrician at the local power station.

14. Established in Macon County, in southwest Georgia, to provide relief for the large number of Union prisoners concentrated in and around Richmond, Virginia.The new camp, officially named Camp Sumter, quickly became known as Andersonville, after the railroad station in neighboring Sumter County beside which the camp was located