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end a siege

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1. Blockade synonyms, Blockade pronunciation, Blockade translation, English dictionary definition of Blockade

2. Blockade definition is - to subject to a Blockade

3. As a verb Blockade is to create a Blockade against.

4. Related to Blockades: military blockade, naval blockade BLOCKADE, international law

5. The first is a Blockade by notification; the second is a Blockade in fact

6. What does Blockade mean? The definition of a Blockade is a shutting off or a blocking

7. 16 synonyms for siege: blockade, encirclement, Besiegement, beleaguerment, Besiegement, blockade

8. Related to Blockades: military blockade, naval blockade Blockade The act of preventing food, medicine, materials and/or other supplies from entering or leaving a country.

9. Blockade runners could make a lot of money if their ships and cargo successfully passed the Blockade

10. How to use Blockade in a sentence.

11. The blockade is finished.

12. Berlin Blockade ends.

13. Aerial and naval blockade

14. Blockade: Directed by Sergey Loznitsa

15. Blockade: Directed by William Dieterle

16. blockade: (Barrier), noun bar , barricade , block , bottleneck , cordon , curb , impediment , obsessio , obstacle , obstruction , stop , stumbling block blockade

17. Synonyms for Blockade in Free Thesaurus

18. The blockade was raised last night.

19. A Blockade is a physical blockage of a port or other place

20. In May 1531, Zürich reluctantly agreed to impose a food blockade.

21. This blockade results in powerful Antiemetic effects

22. Corpses raise questions, questions raise armies.

23. .. but police have already set up a blockade around the area

24. As breach of Blockade only becomes an offence when accompanied by knowledge, actual or constructive, of the existence of the Blockade, it is a question of some importance when the Blockade begins and how knowledge of it is to be acquired.

25. Dual blockade of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system