rainless year in English

year when there is not enough rainfall, drought

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "rainless year" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rainless year", or refer to the context using the word "rainless year" in the English Dictionary.

1. It's foggy and rainless in London at this time of the year.

2. Thirsty fields under a rainless sky.

3. Monday dawned warm and rainless.

4. Based on the weather and UVI in bathing season, the beaches could be divided into cloudy and rainy, cloudy and rainless, and sunny and rainless groups.

5. The utility model can be widely used in damp and rainy or dry and rainless environments.

6. In successive years the outline had grown more pronounced and the current rainless spell exaggerated them yet more.

7. From January to March, Arequipa has a mild rainy season, but April until December are as good as rainless

8. Assessment of drought has been made using precipitation and rainless day in reference to the relationship between crop growth and water supply by Fuzzy mathematics.

9. The wild quails, which had made their nests in the bushes inside of the trench during the rainless seasons, had all fled out from their homes.

10. The result shows that during rainless summer evaporation of wetland is higher than that of farmland, but during rainy autumn is lower than that of farmland.

11. And it also discuss the possible way of oasis small town landscape design in new period by protecting oasis landscape resources and constructing oasis landscape system in rainless region.

12. To evaluate the water quality of Chagan Lake by analyzing 15 metal elements and 15 rare earth elements (REE) contents in rainfall season and rainless season of Chagan Lake of Jilin province.

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14. In the northern part of our country where the climate is dry and rainless, the afforesting survival rate is very low If repeat afforestation, it enable production sustain a loss.

15. 22 synonyms for Annually: yearly, each year, every year, per year, by the year, once a year, every twelve months, per annum, year after year, yearly, each year

16. Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs and author of China's Water Crisis, said that to have more than 100 rainless days was a record in recent decades.

17. Synonyms for Annually include yearly, perennially, per year, each year, every year, once a year, every twelve months, per annum, by the year and year after year

18. Yearly, each year, every year, per year, by the year, once a year, every twelve months, per annum, year after year Companies report to their shareholders Annually

19. (year % 4 == 0) and (year % 100 != 0) is a leap year

20. 2 Regulars return year after year.

21. 1 People return year after year.

22. Yearly, each year, every year, per year, by the year, per annum They hire 300 staff Annually.

23. Accumulated amortization Balance beginning of year Current year amortization Balance end of year

24. Problems and inefficiencies cost grain producers dearly every crop year, year after year

25. Buildup is available as a 1-year, 2-year or 3-year licence