rainy season in English

days of rainfall, season with the most rainfall

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "rainy season" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rainy season", or refer to the context using the word "rainy season" in the English Dictionary.

1. Rainy season?

2. Or “rainy season.”

3. Soon the rainy season sets in.

4. The rainy season has set in.

5. However, during the rainy season, conditions change.

6. In the rainy season it offers little protection.

7. It was shallow, except during the rainy season.

8. The rainy season alternates with the dry season.

9. 11 The river is navigable during the rainy season.

10. Recharge normally happens in the winter or rainy season.

11. Have you harvested your crops? It'll be rainy season.

12. We happened to arrive there in the rainy season.

13. In the rainy season the roads become a quagmire.

14. African lungfishes breed at the beginning of the rainy season.

15. 15 Have you harvested your crops? It'll be rainy season.

16. We may expect muggy weather when the rainy season begins.

17. During the rainy season, that mountain was covered by a cloud.

18. EXAMPLE : During the rainy season the valley became an impassible morass.

19. During the rainy season, it is transformed into a huge, lush garden.

20. The rivers flow slowly and experience seasonal flooding during the rainy season.

21. 13 However, there are many people, and it is the rainy season.

22. 9 EXAMPLE : During the rainy season the valley became an impassible morass.

23. The rainy season came on and restored her to time and change.

24. The main seasons are summer, rainy season, a short autumn, and winter.

25. After the short rainy season there are many water holes, and even rivers.

26. During the rainy season, water becomes polluted, causing cholera, diarrhea, and other diseases.

27. During the rainy season, Motabeng was subjected to a type of desert rain.

28. Aman definition is - long-stemmed rice grown in the rainy season in India.

29. They're so poor, and they are freezing with blankets during the rainy season.

30. I asked if she came here often, and commented on the rainy season.

31. Autumn, from late September or early October to late November, follows the rainy season.

32. Roan Antelopes breed year-round, but births are more common during the rainy season

33. But now it is the rainy season there is little demand for his services.

34. During the two months of the rainy season, they may do so every day.

35. The rainy season begins with the arrival of the southwest monsoon around mid-May.

36. The bridge facilitated UNMISS patrolling and humanitarian access and eased movement during the rainy season;

37. They can survive long periods of drought encased in mud, until the next rainy season.

38. The rainy season is officially over 10 days later than normal in the Kanto region.

39. Following the next rainy season, no waterborne diseases were reported in the villages with wells.

40. During rainy season , the animal should be protected from getting wet and exposed to cold winds .

41. At the height of the Harmattan, in the cool nights of the rainy season, I wrote.

42. During the rainy season, many side roads are only accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles.

43. Some roads may be impassable to all but four-wheel-drive vehicles during the rainy season.

44. The best time to hunt is during the August rainy season, when he fetches several a night.

45. They were working under the gun to get the bridge repaired before the rainy season set in.

46. 29 The farmers were racing against the rainy season, trying to gather in the summer crops.

47. But we were full of enthusiasm, essential to survive that first rainy season in the forest.

48. He actually allowed many Shan and Laotian battalions to demobilize at the start of the rainy season.

49. In the rainy season the river can rise rapidly to flood the valley in a few hours.

50. The mating season, which lasts for about 3 weeks, coincides with the end of the rainy season.