put forth in English

send out; sprout; set in motion; extend; propose; publish; set sail

Use "put forth" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "put forth" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "put forth", or refer to the context using the word "put forth" in the English Dictionary.

1. Trees put forth buds and leaves in spring.

2. Verb (used without object) to put forth Branches; …

3. Janabi investigated the arguments put forth by evolutionists.

4. The scientist put forth the new theory of evolution.

5. The motion stuck as soon as it was put forth.

6. Although Aristarchus put forth an appealing hypothesis and nothing more.

7. Put forth some ideas as to what might be helpful.

8. It was put forth that the king was only slightly ill.

9. How much effort will you put forth to study God’s Word?

10. The evidence put forth at the court Appalled most of the jury

11. What other organization would put forth so much effort to give training?”

12. The ship put forth on the voyage after the storm had passed.

13. Colonial officials put forth two related explanations for the prevalence of perjury.

14. This scientist has put forth a new theory in his research field.

15. Newsletters are designed to put forth the vision of the school and systems.

16. Arguments were put forth for changing some of the rules of the game.

17. Why should you be willing to put forth any effort to please Jehovah?

18. 16 To fare well spiritually, each Christian had to put forth personal effort.

19. Why does Jehovah expect us to put forth effort to overcome our weaknesses?

20. Well-meaning government officials and help organizations have certainly put forth proposals for change.

21. (9) What extraordinary effort do many Witnesses put forth to attend conventions, and why?

22. More than a few people have put forth great effort to learn the truth.

23. Of course, experts have put forth a confusing array of treatments for eating disorders.

24. We must also be industrious and put forth diligent effort to meet the requirements.

25. “Jeff put forth an effort to listen to me and understand me,” Susan says.

26. And now agnosticism is often put forth as a middle ground between theism and atheism.

27. And by all means let us put forth earnest effort to supply to our faith virtue.

28. 1 Loving parents put forth much effort each day to provide good food for their children.

29. Are you ready to put forth the required time and effort to build a successful business ?

30. Communism was first put forth by the German philosopher, Karl Max, and his associate, Friedrich Engels

31. In their races . . . they strove, or agonized, or put forth all their powers to gain the victory.”

32. Put forth an effort to understand what each word means in the setting in which it appears.

33. In practice neither scholars nor officials ever have sufficient evidence to put forth an accurate, exact figure.

34. Surely the most colorful of the offbeat approaches was the wounded dog theory, put forth in 16

35. His school had a tradition of winning the championship, and he wanted to put forth his best effort.

36. Driving the process was the ongoing debate over what might be the very best face Lisa could put forth.

37. Although his advice may have seemed unrealistic at first, the local publishers put forth great effort to follow it.

38. Especially in connection with mourning and the funeral do the survivors put forth costly efforts to help the deceased.

39. Driving the process was the ongoing debate over what might be the very best face Lisa could put forth. Sentencedict.com

40. But the men put forth their hand, and pulled Lot into the house to them, and shut to the door.

41. However, it can be put forth that the Bulging disc is not at all a problem until and unless it

42. An explanation for the anomalous behaviour of acetanilides containing electron-withdrawing substituents in the ortho position has been put forth.

43. These principles of teratology were put forth by Jim Wilson in 1959 and in his monograph Environment and Birth Defects.

44. I discovered that just as with weight lifting, you have to put forth effort if you want to gain strength.

45. They therefore put forth little effort to adjust, leading to frustration both for them and for those who deal with them.”

46. Theatre producer Harold Prince picked out the Holocaust portraits; celebrity hound Larry King put forth the photo of a dead friend.

47. Jesus called upon him to put forth greater effort to apply godly principles in practical ways, to be an active disciple.

48. Reasons put forth include his advancing age, the cumulative effect of thousands of hits and the decline of his offensive line.

49. They feel that the best time to do that may be Christmas, when charities often put forth extra effort to collect donations.

50. The shift from pedagogy to Andragogy in the education of adults was a topic of discussion put forth in the articles reviewed