jibboom|jibbooms in English


spar which is attached to the end of the bowsprit (Nautical)

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1. Jibbooms and Bobstays The Wit and Wisdom of One Trying to Be Jack of All Trades, from Writer to Pirate Captain

2. "Jibbooms and Bobstays" SA: 0 SD: 0 PD: 4 WH: 6 + 5 by Peggy CC: 0 PP: 2 + one 'Bobstays and jib-booms' WD: 0 SW: 7 + 1 by Peggy BS: 0 ML: 11 PM: 6 + 'Jibbooms, Bobstays and battleaxes' + 1 by Peggy GN: 3 + 1 by Peggy (Thanks to Tarboard user allym) Mutton-headed galoots: see PM29