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turned backward.
retroflex fibers

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1. Li also recast Karlgren's alveolar dentals as retroflex, citing a similar distribution to the retroflex affricates.

2. Stay on that Bunched (or retroflex!) path

3. Retroflex and Bunched [r] produce different compensation for cooarticulation effects

4. The synthesis parameters for the Bunched and retroflex [r] stimuli

5. Her words sound a little retroflex , they are quite pleasant to hear.

6. Mandarin Chinese uses it for postalveolar fricatives (the "alveolo-palatal" and "retroflex" series).

7. Indian accents can be characterized by the fact that speakers retroflex their consonants.

8. There were five series of coronal obstruents, with a three-way distinction between dental (or alveolar), retroflex and palatal among fricatives and affricates, and a two-way dental/retroflex distinction among stop consonants.

9. Visuals always help (and I have a free Bunched vs retroflex visual for you at the end of this post.) I

10. All plosives, affricates, nasals, the retroflex flap and the lateral approximant /l/ have aspirated or breathy voiced counterparts.

11. Preliminary results suggest that for the ‘‘Bunched’’ /r/, F4 is close in frequency, while F3 and F4 are further apart for the ‘‘retroflex’’ /r/

12. EXPERIMENT 1 The first experiment is an extension of Mann (1980) comparing the compensation for coarticulation effect for Bunched and retroflex [r]

13. Based on these considerations, to begin with, a systematic assumption made concerning the underlying representation of the vowel inventory and segmental structure of the retroflex suffix is given.

14. Because the English sound pronunciation strength is small, approaches with Chinese, also does not have a more difficult retroflex, the Chinese student study England sound to want easy.

15. Voiced Bilabial nasal (stop) voiced alveolar nasal (stop) voiced velar nasal (stop) voiced alveolar (lateral) liquid: voiced alveolar (retroflex) liquid: voiced Bilabial glide: voiceless Bilabial glide: voiced palatal glide

16. ɖ͡ʐ Voiceless retroflex Affricate Each audio clip is the work of Peter Isotalo, User:Denelson83, UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive 2003, User:Halibutt, User:Pmx or User:Octane, and made available under a free and/or copyleft licence.

17. An examination of the International Phonetic Alphabet chart (IPA 2007) yields a large number of Consonantal places of articulation that are phonetically possible: bilabial, labio-dental, dental, alveolar, post-alveolar, retroflex, palatal, velar, uvular, pharyngeal, and glottal, as shown in Table 22.1.

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