retrospective in English

looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.
our survey was retrospective
an exhibition or compilation showing the development of the work of a particular artist over a period of time.
a Georgia O'Keeffe retrospective
synonyms: look back reflection review

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1. Retrospective dosimetry

2. The legislation was made retrospective.

3. But retrospective diagnosis has obvious drawbacks.

4. A retrospective influence pervaded the whole performance.

5. Bankers are quick to condemn retrospective tax legislation.

6. Methods: Retrospective study on hypothyroidism in the hospital.

7. Adaptive control based on retrospective cost optimization

8. Change in accounting policy, retrospective restatement or reclassification

9. Bungmaker Destination wedding on that discriminatory impact is retrospective

10. Retrospective conversion of earlier catalogue records is under way.

11. She felt a pang of retrospective sympathy for Mel.

12. METHODS: A retrospective chart review identified 6 cases of Atrophying PV

13. We have said that we will not resort to retrospective taxation.

14. 9 She felt a pang of retrospective sympathy for Mel.

15. Methods Retrospective study that 63 cases were treated ahoy stent by endoscope.

16. Methods Retrospective study the cases in 11 aged patients with vestibular neuritis.

17. Retrospective on Canadian Alphabet Books a history of children's ABC books; and,

18. Adversa releases Secure and Trusted AI report with exclusive retrospective, trends, predictions

19. * We have clearly articulated that we will not resort to retrospective taxation

20. Methods Retrospective analysis was done on 11 cases of severe heatstroke patients.

21. We compared this new technique with conventional approaches using a retrospective analysis.

22. I owe it to Victoria to lend some retrospective weight to our parting.

23. They are pictured here for their 25th anniversary Newsweek retrospective on the Internet.

24. Retrospective: 42 Years of Acpt Champions (photos by Don Christensen) Crossword Call My …

25. Teachers settled for a 2% pay rise with retrospective effect from 1 April.

26. No Stoppin' This Boppin' is a retrospective of Buffalo from 1950 through 1964 - …

27. The rate of post-adenoidectomy hemorrhage in our retrospective study was 0.23%.

28. Objective : To study flare up of leukemia in Beihai by retrospective investigation.

29. Afterwards, retrospective fear of the responsibility would make her feel almost faint.

30. The principle promissory estoppel may prevent Y from retracting his promise with retrospective effect.

31. Methods A retrospective study was performed on 31 patients with drug-induced bullosa epidermolysis.

32. Noguchi did not get his first retrospective exhibition until he was in his sixties.

33. Clearly, such essays in retrospective psychology have been affected by the discoveries of psychoanalysis.

34. A Retrospective of Canadian Alphabet Books Explore ABC books from a Canadian point of view.

35. Existing estimates of Contraceptive use in Tanzania rely on cross-sectional or retrospective study designs

36. RT priorities: dosimetry of complex radiation fields and incorporated radionuclides; retrospective dosimetry; innovative monitoring techniques.

37. They put on a retrospective show of his work at the National Museum of American Art.

38. This paper reports a retrospective analysis comparing the results after PDT with those after surgical tracheostomy.

39. Your forthcoming exhibition at the Tate Gallery follows a retrospective which took place there in 19

40. 17 Mechanisms for selective retrospective conversion of catalogues and the enrichment of catalogues should be sought.

41. A retrospective study of 156 surgically and pathologically proven cases of acoustic neuroma is reported.

42. Similarly, a rule will not normally have retrospective effect unless this is clearly provided for.

43. The growth of a taste for retrospective nostalgia accompanied the slow decline of traditional faith.

44. Mechanisms for selective retrospective conversion of catalogues and the enrichment of catalogues should be sought.

45. It adds some retrospective poignancy to our story, I think, and possibly some connection to Emerson's universe.

46. Secondary data from a ward of internal medicine were analyzed on a retrospective and case-related basis.

47. There will also be a new retrospective exhibition of the work of the political cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe.

48. 11 All discussion of retrospective and prospective reimbursement systems points to the difficulties of controlling overall expenditure.

49. Archives are relied upon to provide authentic and trustworthy sources for the retrospective accountability of administrations.

50. Errors and delays also lead to frequent retrospective adjustment of previous figures for quantity movements and stock positions.