jigsaw puzzle in English

puzzle consisting of small pieces cut with a jigsaw which are to be fitted together to form picture

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1. Magnum - Babes - jigsaw puzzle album

2. Sayutska - Aleatory - jigsaw puzzle album

3. ShrallDim - Bolides - jigsaw puzzle album

4. Napsugar1958 - Architectura - jigsaw puzzle album

5. Anatolian is a leading jigsaw puzzle manufacturer worldwide

6. A jigsaw puzzle can keep me Absorbed for hours

7. Anatolian is one of the world's leading jigsaw puzzle manufacturers

8. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together, the things that Jesus prophesied have occurred.

9. Like a jigsaw puzzle, each individual, community and organization adds up to the whole of our Canadian memory.

10. Aquarius The Office Cast Collage Puzzle (1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle) - Glare Free - Precision Fit - Virtually No Puzzle Dust - Officially Licensed The Office Merchandise & Collectibles - 20 x 28 Inches

11. In Brain wash, get ready for a puzzle game unlike anything you have ever seen before! No, we are not gonna ask you futile questions nor do we want you to complete a jigsaw puzzle

12. Balsa Wood Airplane Kits- Wright Brothers Flyer DIY Wooden Models Plane Construction Set, Laser Cut Aircraft Model Kit 3D Puzzles for Adults, Perfect Brain Teaser Jigsaw Puzzle for Home Decor 4.2 out of 5 stars 55

13. “Curdled,” which is not very interesting, provides two more pieces for the Tarantino jigsaw puzzle: (1) It further establishes that much of “Pulp Fiction” was inspired by other movies seen by a fanatic video freak, and (2) it shows how brilliantly Tarantino transforms his raw ingredients.

14. Backcasting Scenarios With Backcasting, a successful outcome is imagined and the question is asked: “what do we need to do today to reach that vision of the future?” Backcasting from scenarios is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle through which a shared picture of the future is …