industrialized in English

develop industries in (a country or region) on a wide scale.
the industrialized nations

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1. Industrialized countries had harnessed the power of steam.

2. The problem is less widespread among industrialized countries .

3. In the industrialized world, it is the opposite.

4. Stalin's methods had industrialized the Russian economy.

5. The same thing is happening in industrialized nations.

6. Guangdong has entered industrialized metaphase phase at present.

7. The Kingdom of Sardinia industrialized from 1830 onward.

8. China's education should take the road of industrialized management.

9. Other industrialized and densely populated countries have similar problems.

10. The preparation method is simple and adaptive for industrialized production.

11. The documentary illustrated the gulf between industrialized and developing countries.

12. 27 Their economy was the Cinderella of the industrialized world.

13. I discovered the dark side of the industrialized food system.

14. Because, this is: 1 . China has not entered industrialized metaphase phase.

15. Industrialized countries report fewer marriages, more divorces, and a falling birth rate.

16. Pollution is the price we pay for an overpopulated, over industrialized planet.

17. But my neighbor only knows two types of countries -- industrialized and developing.

18. This is 1950 -- those were the industrialized countries, those were developing countries.

19. In the industrialized world, Babywearing has gained popularity in recent decades

20. But AIDS research is overwhelmingly carried out in the industrialized world.

21. Thus, they cannot walk the same road as the newly industrialized countries.

22. The G-7 organization groups together the world's seven leading industrialized nations.

23. Although Brunei is an industrialized country, bug bites here can still spread diseases

24. It expanded greatly from the 1960s when industrialized countries introduced factories with: 1.

25. Is that a legitimate reason for two industrialized nations to invade country?

26. They industrialized later than the democratic countries and had a strong agrarian elite.

27. Three million acres of farmland each year are being paved over, subdivided or industrialized.

28. Dangers such as we have mentioned produce various reactions, especially in industrialized countries.

29. The design of industrialized production of agate - grade alumina - hydroxide was briefly introduced.

30. It is the most common pathogenic protozoan infection of humans in industrialized countries.

31. Many in developing nations yearn for the things that people in industrialized nations have.

32. In industrialized regions, enteric Campylobacter infections produce an inflammatory, sometimes bloody, diarrhea or dysentery syndrome.

33. Fertility in the vast majority of industrialized nations has now dipped to below replacement level.

34. We also demand the acknowledgement of the ecological and social debt of industrialized countries

35. Although the Czech Republic is an industrialized country, bug bites here can still spread diseases

36. And the blue former developing countries are mixing up with the former industrialized western world.

37. Here, and in all other industrialized nations, it is transformed into livestock feed or biofuels.

38. The disposal of toxic wastes is one of the most intractable problems facing industrialized societies.

39. Availability has improved in developing countries , but still remains limited compared to industrialized nations .

40. In the industrialized world, people were healthy, educated, rich, and they had small families.

41. Bangkalan, on the western end of the island, has industrialized substantially since the 1980s.

42. However, he said small temperature increases could increase crops in most industrialize ( industrialized ) nations.

43. Synonyms for Civilised include developed, modernized, modernised, civilized, industrialized, technologized, advanced, fast-tracked, industrialised and progressed

44. Most of the trouble of life without electricity would hang over the highly industrialized nations.

45. The governments of the industrialized world had failed to get the measure of the crisis.

46. Successive rounds of international negotiations took place with major cuts in tariffs by all industrialized countries.

47. Uneconomic industrialized Jared specks Aphoriser traverses superheat coarsely! Alight Joe chloridizing, Buy Ardin Diazepam bowdlerizes recollectedly

48. The Quebec–Windsor Corridor is the most densely populated and heavily industrialized region of Canada.

49. Of course, no treaty is capable of shielding Antarctica from the effluents of the modern, industrialized world.

50. Under these conditions, ethnic family patterns were slowly broken down by an increasingly urbanized, industrialized environment.